7 Shaving Mistakes That Are Wrecking Your Skin

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As much as we spoil our skin with expensive serums and fancy facials, the same can’t be said for our bodies. While the responsible few of us are managing to lather on some sunscreen from time to time,

While we all shave,it turns out most of us don’t actually do it right. Shaving the wrong way can be very detrimental to our skin as the increased sensitisation and inflammation that results from a razor running across your skin, if not soothed or treated can slowly result in premature ageing of the skin.

So here are our top tips to shaving the right way, avoiding unnecessary irritation in the summer (and wrinkly legs in the future)!

Avoid dry shaving Dry shaving can cause tiny tears in the skin as well as, razor burns and bumps, leaving the skin fragile and exposed to irritants, that is why dermatologists recommend using some sort of barrier between the skin and the razor.

Always make sure to use shaving gels or creams to create that necessary barrier!

Switch your razors! Most razor brands admit that a single-use razor shouldn’t last you longer than 10 uses because reused and dull blades increase the likelihood of ingrown hairs, leading to skin irritation.

So, when it comes to your razor, when you begin wondering if it’s time to say goodbye... it probably is!

Shaving In The Opposite Direction Shaving the opposite direction in retrospect may seem like a genius idea but in reality, the unnecessary dragging of your hairs in the opposite direction then irritating the follicle becomes counterproductive making you more prone to red, inflamed bumps and ingrown hairs.

Rushing It Hopping straight into the shower and reaching for the razor seems perfectly reasonable because most of us are always in a rush, however, dermatologists recommend waiting at least 10 minutes before shaving as this lets our skin soften up and open up, leading to a closer shave, much softer on your skin.

Skipping The Exfoliation This step is not so much detrimental but definitely a time saver in the long-term! Exfoliating before going in for the shave actually peels back a layer of dead skin that has not shed yet, revealing another couple of millimetres of hair.

Exfoliating leaves you with a closer shave because it will take longer for the hair to grow back, meaning you can cut down the twice-a-week shave to a once-a-week shave!

Leaving your Razor At The Ledge Of The Tub/Shower

Every aspect of the shower environment calls against leaving your razor in it, but we do it anyway! The reason we should avoid leaving our razors on the ledge of the bathtub is that the humid and warm environment in our bathrooms creates the perfect conditions for rusting and dulling of the razor blades, making your shaving less effective but also more prone to skin irritations!

Stop using soap instead of shaving cream

Skipping the shaving cream aisle at Boots may be costing you more money than going to buy some shaving cream. The reason? As well as being quite drying on your skin, soap is terrible for razor blades.

Soaps and body washes contain ingredients that clog up blades and making them dull. This traps moisture and allows for the growth of bacteria, stripping not only your skin of its moisture but your razor of it’s effectiveness!

Adjusting to changes in your routine may be tough, but no one wants wrinkly legs… so implementing new, better, shaving techniques one at a time will be the best thing you can do for your skin today. Then, once you’ve become a shaving pro, you should consider introducing a personalised routine, especially if you have sensitive skin.

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