8 Bad Beauty Habits That Are Ruining Your Face

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Patchy foundation ruining your vibes, lipstick on your teeth and eyebrows gone awol? It’s time to beat those bad beauty habits once and for all and literally save your face.

1. Using Dirty Brushes

Clogged brushes not only spread germs and dirt, increasing your chances of spots and even acne then are also harder to use. Bristles stuck together under layers of foundation or eye shadows will not buff or blend well. Leaving you with patchy, foundation or wonky smokey eyes… Clean every 2 weeks with Bare Minerals Well Cared For Brush Conditioning Shampoo a rich, foaming brush cleanser that washes away all traces of dirt, makeup, and debris, leaving your brushes clean and soft. The caring formula is gentle on glue to keeps your brushes in tip top shape for longer. With no need to replace expensive brushes as often it's worth the investment.

2. Foregoing Primer

Without primer, your foundation will literally slide off your face within a few hours, or worse, sink into any fine lines or wrinkles and make them look even worse! Primer gives your base something to hold onto all day. Not only that but help to fill in fine lines, diminish pores and even skin tone. Making your base look better, smoother and more even. We love Rodial Instaglam Airbrush Primer for it’s hyaluronic acid enriched formula that instantly plumps any fine lines and wrinkles making you look refreshed even if you don't feel it!

3. Pulling Your Mascara Off

Just. Don’t. Do. It. The is one of the worst beauty habits and will not only leave you looking like a member of clockwork orange with mascara all down your face, but could leave your eyelids bald too! If clumpy mascara is too irresistible, then try switching for Clinique Lash Power Mascara Long-wearing Formula one stroke of this elongates you lashes with zero clumps. It can also be removed simply with warm water, so no pulling required!

4. Over Exfoliating

Exfoliating regularly helps to keep your skin clear and provides a smoother base for your makeup to sit on. However if you get overzealous with the exfoliator you could leave your skin raw and irritated and over producing sebum to compensate.

5. Squeezing Spots

Woken up with a zit that’s just begging to be squeezed? Just before you give it a squeeze, think of this: What’s easier to cover - a weeping spot that’s causing your concealer to crust or a small red blemish? Exactly. Leave it alone. If you must squeeze, do it at bedtime and Make sure you have a targeted spot treatment like Kiehl's Blue Herbal Spot Treatment to limit any chance of infection or scarring.

6. Doing Your Makeup On The Tube

Not only is the tube chock full of germs and sneezing people to cover your makeup in unwanted germs. The lighting is also terrible! Leaving you to emerge into the natural sunlight looking potentially looking like a clown, with overloaded blusher and wonky eyeliner.

7. Ignoring your brows natural shape

Whilst #browsonfleek are everyone's goals these days. There’s no point plucking them into unnatural shapes to match Kim K’s when your face shape is completely different. You will just look plain weird. Brush your brows up to make them look thicker, pluck the stragglers from underneath and fill in with Benefit Precisely My Brow Pencil .

8. Hoarding Old Makeup

Hanging onto an old eye shadow because the colors pretty and you can wear it at Christmas parties? Stop right there. Eye shadows, foundations and concealers typically last around 6-12 months, lipsticks up to 2 years and mascara lasts for 3 months. Any longer and it's a breeding ground for bacteria and you're at risk of skin and eye infections. Need a makeup refresh asap? Take our quiz and find the ideal products for you.

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