8 Horrifying Truths About Sunburn

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For anyone who got caught out by last minute baskin in London’s summer heatwave, and was left looking more than just red faced. This article is a must read for you. We’ve rounded up the truth behind reducing the burn, gently cleansing sunburnt skin, soothing tender scalps, and ensuring you don’t accelerate the drying effects of getting caught short without suncream. we've got the ultimate treatments and truths about sunburn to get your skin feeling cooled and calmed in no time.

First up, let’s just take a quick look at what sunburn actually is; Sunburn is damage to the skin caused by ultraviolet rays, that causes the skin to become red, sore, warm, tender and even itchy for around a week, or longer. Ouch.

Truth #1 You Burnt Hours ago

Sadly you won’t always spot that your skins burning until it’s too late, it takes hours to kick in. Thats right, skin can keep burning for hours after sun exposure, and can take up to 6 hours to show redness. Then the pain comes in and you get that nasty sun sting for upto 48 hours and then the peeling kicks in. A spray tan is looking like a good option right now isn’t it?

Truth #2 It Can Make You Sick

Not only do you have a nasty red hue, sunburn is more than just skin deep and can also make you sick, with fever, chills, nausea and vomiting.

Truth #3 It Makes You Dehydrated

Get some water down you quick sharp. Hydrated skin can heal faster and cool down quicker too. Not to mention it’ll stave off any post beach headaches that will ruin your holiday fun.

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Truth #4 Oil Can Seal In the Heat

Think slathering yourself with hydrating oils after you’ve caught the sun will help your parched skin? Unfortunately not. Oils and heavy creams can actually trap the heat in your skin, leaving you feeling hot and uncomfortable for longer. However there is a cure, use an aloe vera lotion. Make sure you go for a product with a high aloe vera content like a gel, rather than one that just uses the aloe scent. Australian Gold After Sun Soothing Aloe After Sun Gel £20.00 hails from one of the hottest countries in the world , Australia and works fast to calm burnt skin.

TRUTH #6: Popping Blisters Can Cause Infection

NEVER, ever pop a blister caused by sunburn. Whist they may look unsightly, those blisters contain a natural healing flued that if popped could slow the healing process down and cause infection. If they do break, clean with a gentle, antiseptic cleanser such as Dr Organic Tea Tree Soap £2.99.

Truth #7: Your Scalp Can Burn too

Don’t forget to protect your hair and scalp. Phyto Sun Protection Phytoplage Protective Sun Veil £15.00 protects Preserves your fresh colour and prevents it from fading by filtering out the sun's damaging rays. It also protects sensitive scalps from getting burnt. Make sure to pay special attention around your parting

Truth #8: Act Fast and Prevent and Further damage

The worse you burn the longer your healing time is. As soon as you feel your skin get hot and start to burn cover up or get out of the sun. Prevent the burn in the first place with a suitable SPF. Take our ingenious beauty quiz to find the perfect SPF for your skin type.

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If you do get caught short, these tips for healing sunburn will really help.