8 Things You Should Know When You're Pregnant

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Looking after your body is the most important thing whilst pregnant as growing a little one is best done when mummy is happy and healthy too. Keeping on top of your pregnancy skin care, diet and wellbeing will keep yourself feeling fabulous and staying a yummy mummy.

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1. Relax, Don’t Do It

Remember to take regular breaks at work, keep off your feet and have some ‘me time’ in the evenings and weekends to keep baby happy and healthy. Use Aromatherapy Associates Rose Massage & Oil to help you relax and unwind before bed.

2. Skin That Glows

Pregnancy skin care routines are really important to keep up during your pregnancy as the imbalance of hormones may cause unwanted breakouts and imperfections start appearing out of nowhere. To keep those spots at bay, use Avene XeraCalm Lipid-Replenishing Cleansing Oil and Nurse Jamie Fade to Light Facial Moisturiser to keep your pores clear and full of moisture. Natural pregnancy skin care is specially formulated to be kind to your skin and kind on the baby, with no nasty chemicals or parabens.

3. If You’ve Got It, Flaunt It

Don’t hide that bump away under frumpy clothes and oversized jackets that cover your curves, flaunt them! Wear clothes that hug and enhance your curves, not hide them away. For that added boost of confidence, try Collistar Slimming, Firming and Anti-Cellulite Intensive Cream to improve the appearance of cellulite and keep your skin smooth and glowing with Elave Sensitive Body Oil.

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4. Stretch Marks, Be Gone!

Stretch marks are one of those things that either happen or they don’t. There are so many pregnancy skincare products available that will help reduce the appearance, and over time, see them disappear completely. The most well known product of course is the Bio Oil PurCellin Oil which you can not only use as a daily oil to reduce the appearance of scars, ageing skin, uneven skin tone and stretch marks, but can also be added to a hot bath to deeply soak into the skin, leaving it thoroughly nourished.

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5. Work It

It’s important to keep your strength throughout your pregnancy. By joining low intensity exercise classes such as prenatal yoga not only allows you to build your strength but also gives you a chance to meet other expectant mothers whom you could share experiences and tips with. Consult your doctor when it comes to pelvic floor exercises as these are super important too.

6. Sleep Tight

Avoid those dreaded dark circles by making sure you get your rest. Getting a good night’s sleep is important to maintain energy levels and allow the baby to develop. Relax and unwind in a hot, calming bath, try the Elemis Skin Nourishing Milk Bath and soak for hours. Bliss.

7. Wake Up & Make Up

Makeup covers everything, from dark circles, to breakouts, to uneven skin tone. Haven’t slept in ages and have eye bags big enough to put your phone in? No problem, Tom Ford Concealing Pen has you covered. If you’re experiencing a nasty breakout from all those hormones, Hourglass Cosmetics Hidden Corrective Concealer is another great full coverage concealer to hide any imperfection.

8. Up, Up, Up

Your weight will fluctuate throughout your pregnancy as your baby matures and develops so don’t be alarmed if you go up a few pounds over night. If you’re indulging in your pregnancy cravings and ‘eating for two’, it’s also very easy to put on some extra weight of your own. Sticking to your usual diet can help maintain a healthy weight whilst your baby is growing. Food that’s rich in vitamins and omega 3 can be very beneficial to your baby and help you get a balanced diet. Make sure you also drink around 2 litres of water a day.

Taking control of your pregnancy skin care and keeping up with your diet, exercise and knowing when to relax are all very important whilst you’re pregnant. For help finding the beauty products that are right for you, take our beauty quiz!