9 Cellulite Commandments That Will Change Your Life

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If you are the scientist that comes up with the cure for how to get rid of cellulite, well you will soon rival Bill Gates in prosperity.

In pursuit of our dream bikini bods, we’ve cut calories, embarked upon fad diets (FYI cabbage soup really is as bad as it sounds), drank our weight or so it seems in water everyday and even taken up regular lunging. And yes, whilst your abs have become pleasingly visible (even if it is in the right light with several good filter) cellulite is still the bane of 90% of women’s lives. And 10% of men if that helps matters?

Sadly this condition does not discriminate against weight, even supermodels have been seen with a dimpled thigh on the most aspiring of catwalks. It’s a cosmetic condition caused by the connective tissues in our thighs stretching and becoming weaker allowing pockets of fat to bulge through. In layman's terms, imagine your muscles are fishnet tights and your fat is jelly. Once that “jelly” pushed through, the dreaded porridge effect, or orange peel skin occurs. And getting rid of cellulite is harder than prevention. However don’t despair, with a few healthy lifestyle changes you will soon see a difference, and smooth thighs will be within your grasp. Find out how to get rid of cellulite with these daily do’s and don’ts.

1. Don’t eat Sugar

Groundbreaking we know, but it really doesn’t work. Sugar aids the deceleration of collagen which is the handy elastin that holds those connective tissues in place. Less sugar therefore equals less cellulite.

2. Don’t Eat Frozen Dinners

Unless you get them from a handmade organic section, don’t touch them with a barge pole. Mst ready meals are packed with salt, which aids water retention, bloating, water deposits under your skin, and you guessed it visibility of cellulite. *puts the frozen pizza down

3. Don’t Eat White bread

White bread is high in starchy carbs, which are broken down into sugar, these empty calories are sadly ten converted into fat. If you do fancy a lunch time sandwich try opting for a fiber rich rye bread instead.

4. Don’t eat Cottage Cheese

Normally a dieters go to cheese. Whilst it is low in calories,it’s sadly packed with water retaining sodium to make it taste good. A cellulite no no.

5. Don’t Eat Soy Sauce

No surprise here. Salty soy sauce is another cellulite villain. So nect time you pop out for a sushi, try wasabi alongside it instead.

6. Don’t Smoking

We shouldn’t have to tell you here, But smoking is definitely a no go. Amongst other things, smoking restricts blood vessel flow, weakens collagen and increases the visibility of underlying cellulite.

Before you despair with that list of what you can't do in order to get rid of cellulite. Heres a list of what you CAN do. Stay positive and smooth skin will be yours.

7. Do Buy Cucumbers

Whilst delicious and good for you to. These is another trick you can do with a cucumber to help get rid of cellulite. Cucumbers are ultra hydrating and packed with vitamins, menarals and Vitamic C. So before your next big beach day, try rubbing a few slices of cucumber directly on your problem for a few minutes. Like magic, the cucumber will help to tighten collagen and firm the skin's appearance.

8.Use a Coffee Scrub

Coffe is fast becoming this year's favourite ingredient. Caffeine helps your body to release toxins and metabolize fat. Use a coffee scrub at least once a week for maximum results. Bean Body Peppermint Coffee Scrub has an add kick of zesty peppermint for a really invigorating scrub.

9.Seaweed Baths

High in Iodine, which helps to increase thyroid function and blood flow. Guam Cellulite Seaweed Mud Cold Formula addresses the root cause of cellulite working deep down in the subcutaneous level of the skin. After the first few applications.The incredible menthol-enhanced formula gives your skin makes your skin visibly firmed and more toned. This is firmly stocked in my bathroom cabinet all year round.

To double the effectiveness of these commandments make sure you build a body firming cream into your daily beauty regime.

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