9 Top Tips To Get Your Dream Bridal Look For Less

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It’s your wedding day, of course you want to look drop-dead gorgeous! But the biggest question is how to make sure you look red carpet (ahem aisle) worthy without sacrificing too much of your wedding budget and making sure you can still have those mini mac and cheese cups for late night snacks (because come on, priorities).

Luckily for you, Bridebook.co.uk is the expert in all things weddings. As the new free online wedding planner taking the entire wedding industry by storm (they’re already partnered with the likes of Bobbi Brown, Liz Earle and Richard Ward), Bridebook.co.uk is here to make your wedding planning as stress free (and wallet friendly) as it should be. So take a note of all of these saving tips and you’ll get this whole beauty/budget balance nailed in no time.

Wedding Makeup:

Now we all know your face is not an area you want to skimp on, but being thrifty by no means has to mean lower quality.

1. Watch your words

The big one: avoid mentioning the “w” or “b” words. It’s amazing how much more a salon or makeup artist will charge for wedding or bridal makeup. Mum is the word.

2. Know who to ask

Crazy about a makeup artist's technique or look? Why dish for the full-price when you could get essentially the same work done for a fraction of the price by their assistant. As long as they’ve worked together for a while, it’s sure to be a win win.

3. Practice makes perfect

And of course you can always do your own. Put those lazy Sundays to work and start practicing and in no time, you’ll have your look down to a tee.

Wedding Dress:

There is always, and I mean always, a dream wedding dress out there for you, no matter what your budget it. And here’s how to make it happen:

4.Sample sales

We can't repeat this enough. Sample sales are where it’s at. It might require a little more trekking and a little more trying on, but it’s totally worth it. You could find you dream dress, by your dream designer, in your dream budget at one of these. Hint - key times for these are end of each autumn/winter and spring/summer seasons so keep your calendars free!

5. High Street

Now don’t go rolling your eyes at this one. High street brands have totally upped their games as of late with their bridal lines. I’m talking real, glossy bridal magazine shoot ready. If you’re a boho bride, you’ll have a particularly great time with these.

6. Rentals

Another saving trend really picking up speed and gaining more of the attention it deserves. Most brides only wear their dresses once (and so will you probably!) so this is the perfect solution to looking gorgeous without breaking the bank. And what you save on the dress you can spend on that amazing photographer!

Wedding Accessories:

With these tips, you’ll won’t believe you even thought of stretching the bank for accessories.

7. Go digging

We’re lucky enough to live in a country with endless auctions, vintage fairs and charity shops - and now is the perfect time to take advantage! With a couple of weekend wanderings you’re sure to find something special.

8. Just ask

Your perfect earrings/brooch/necklace might be hiding right under your nose! If you have an idea of what you’re looking for, enlist the help of all the ladies in your life. And it can count as your “something borrowed”. Check and check.

9. Get crafty!

Can you believe you can quite easily make your own veil for under twenty quid? I didn’t either until I saw one for myself, and believe me you couldn’t even tell the difference, it looked so good. So £20 for your dream veil? Need I really say more?

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