A Day In The Life Of A Beauty Editor

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The first reaction when people learn I am a beauty editor is generally "oooh, you must have so much free makeup", which is true (job perks and all that) but we also work exceedingly hard sourcing new trends, products, innovative formulations in order to inform all of you out there about the next best thing, innovative natural beauty products, meeting PR's, talking to press, photoshoot prep, styling, writing and editing to name a few. So, I thought I would give you a peek into my life, although no two days are EVER the same at My Beauty Matches.


Once I'm actually out of bed, I'm surprisingly perky in the mornings and hate hitting the snooze button. I get up between 6.30-7am, especially in summer, when the sun streams through my window and I tend to wake up naturally. Or failing that, I have a very tenacious cat who tends to bat me in the face with a paw until I get up and feed her. I make a cup of hot water and lemon, and head out into my garden to do a quick 15 minute yoga routine to stretch out any kinks. I live about 8 miles away from the office, so if the weather's not too shoddy I throw on my cycling gear and some suncream from La Roche Posay (LINK article) and hit the road. It's a 50 minute cycle so I'm wide awake by the time I arrive around 8.30. Then I have a quick shower and change - currently my uniform consists of culottes or a jumpsuit and lace up espadrilles, or crisp white Stan smith trainers if its cold. I'm all about the comfort these days. My makeup routine surprisingly only takes me about 3 minutes. I use Embryolisse Lait Creme Concentrate as a moisturiser, massaging in in to get the circulation flowing around my face. Then I put on my makeup. The brands change a LOT as I can't wait to try the "next best thing" but generally the types of products stay the same on a daily basis. I groom my brows with Nars Brow Perfector in Caucase eyebrow pencil and Benefit Ready Set Brow, slick on a few coats of mascara, currently I'm using a Aveda Mosscara natural one (Read More: 3 Reasons Why We Love Aveda) and I'm actually incredibly impressed at its volume and staying power!

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Then I dust on some bronzer around my cheekbones, chin, forehead and nose- all the places the sun would naturally hit first and then if I'm in the office all day I'll slick on some lip balm, either Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip balm or Creme De La Mer The Lip Balm, (pricey but so worth it) or if I've got a meeting I'll pop on my trademark orange-y red lippy and I'm ready to go. As I've just been on holiday and have a bit of colour I'm lucky enough to be able to forgo foundation at the moment, I think giving your skin a rest from full make up every now and keeps it really healthy. Obviously If I have an event then the paint comes out, but for everyday office wear, I'm loving natural, dewy skin.

The first thing I do is turn on my computer and load up my emails. These usually consist of PR's telling me about new products, invites to product launches and lots of editorial content. Submissions from contributing writers, interviews with skincare gurus or models or info from brands we are featuring. We currently have over 3,000 brands on our website and are expanding rapidly, on-boarding around around 5-10 brands a month, so it's a really exciting environment to be in, as we are constantly learning about new products from all over the world that we have sourced to be on our website.

Once I've scanned the emails an checked nothing urgent has come through about a deadline and replied to anything quick I flag the rest and write myself a quick to do list on an online portal called Trello. This allows you whole team to have a to do, ongoing and done list so you can see what everyone's status is for the week and tag the in something if you need their input too. For example I might tag the marketing team if I need content and dates for an editorial feature and vice versa, the CRM team might need copy from me. As a start up we are a small team whose roles overlap but you learn do much on a daily basis it's a fab place to be.

By about 9.15 I'm absolutely starving post cycle and pop to the kitchen to make some breakfast. Which normally consists of some peanut butter and sliced apple on rye toast or coconut yogurt and fruit with nuts and seeds sprinkled on top. Our office is opposite a planet organic so it helps to keep you healthy. At about 9.30 we have a 10 minute team catch up to give a top line of what we are doing, this is a great way to find out what the other teams are up to, as a lot of it goes on behind the scenes, such as the tech team who make the website faster and better everyday so it's nice for everyone to get recognition for how hard they work.

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We love content at MY beauty Matches, and are constantly trying to come up with ways to engage and inspire our readers. From the blog, to emails to Instagram we post a piece of content every day, which really keeps me busy. I will spend the morning writing editorials. This might be about AW trends for 2016 that have been spotted on the catwalk. An interview with a model on their favourite products and skincare routine to an informative piece about a new brand and what they stand for. Currently we have really noticed the trend for organic and natural beauty brands as and are expanding our website to have a natural section and lots more natural beauty products as we are always getting asked questions about vegan and cruelty free as well as sustainable and paraben free ingredients.


I try and bring lunch into work with me. Normally yesterdays leftover salad, packed with avocado, feta, quinoa and greens. I actually love salad so healthy eating is just "eating" to me. Although I do have a real sweet tooth at times. I try and take a wander at lunch as it does you good to move and recharge when you are writing all day. If the weathers good I try and walk to Hyde park or kensington gardens to get away from the bustling city for a few minutes. Otherwise we have a team lunch and go to the delicious Lebanese on Bayswater Highstreet and discuss work ideas over plates of humous and haloumi. Post lunch I like to give myself a spritz of Caudalie grape water spray, to perk up my skin and combat the office aircon.


We generally plan our editorial calendar about 3 months in advance with space for reactive content and news. Planning it around important diary dates such as fashion week, Christmas and holiday season which is when you usually see the trends for the next season and latest launches

Nidhima the Managing Director and Co Founder of My Beauty Matches, decides which new brand we are going to take on and we will usually invite the brands into our office to tell us about their products and create a strategic focus across marketing and editorial of how we can showcase them for both sales and editorial. We will often do a specif photo-shoot with the launch too so the brands usually send us lots of products to play around with. We have a makeshift studio in the meeting room next to our office, the windows are huge, so there's plenty of natural light and lots of white space. Having worked as a stylist across food, beauty and fashion I'm, quite at home coming up with the creative direction and getting stuck in arranging products.


The last My Beauty Matches night out was actually trampolining. We like to do something fun and active to break away from the norm. Also when you see the co founder attempt a backflip it's quite the ice breaker with the newer team members. Otherwise I will quite often have a makeup, fragrance or natural beauty products launch, so I like to swing by after work to see what's happening. If you're lucky they throw in a free mani or blow dry so I usually leave feeling pampered and write up any notes on the brand on the tube on the way home.