A Lazy Girl's Guide to Easy Second-Day Hairstyles

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One of the few joys of adulthood is that we get to play dress up, when and how we choose. Whether you’re attending a close friend’s wedding or heading out for a night out in town with your girlfriends, it’s a fun task to choose the perfect outfit and carefully apply a makeup look to match. The one thing we hurriedly make do with are our hairstyles, with some of us routinely relying on one simple look for years. Thanks to our busy schedules, most of us overdose our hair with dry shampoo and throw it up in a messy bun. Hence we decided to compile a list of hairstyles for your unwashed, second-day hair that will complement any stylish look you might have planned.

Beach Waves

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This one is for that kind of day when you’re in a rush but cannot afford to compromise on your look. The best part about this wavy hairstyle is that you can create it by simply using your straightening iron. Before you blast your hair with heat, protect it using Beauty Works Heat Protection Spray £11.99, combing your hair through so that the formula spreads evenly. It is a lightweight, non-greasy hairspray that does an excellent job of shielding your tresses from heat damage and leaves you with smooth and manageable locks. Now to create the look, there is no need to pin your hair in sections, simply use the straightener on the top of an inch of your hair, twisting it away from your face as you slowly pull it down. Repeating the same on the remaining tresses will take you 7-10 minutes. Since your hair is bound to undergo a shampoo-conditioning session the next day, finish the look by spritzing on a generous amount of Kerastase Styling Spray Flexible Hold £21.50. Once you train yourself to create these easy-going waves we can guarantee you’ll have a line of friends waiting for you to work on their tresses as well.

That Sleek Parting

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In case you have a glamorous event to attend and are stuck with greasy, second-day hair we recommend using its potential to create a sleek look. Yes, we’re talking about creating a shiny deep side parting. Here’s how you can achieve the look : start by generously covering your hair with a volumanizer. One of the best products you can order online is Redken’s Style £13.60. Lighter than a cream but denser than your typical mousse product, its formula boasts cellulose which thickens your hair and also adds lift and volume to your look. Next, use your blow dryer to create waves by ruffling your tresses with your fingers. Using hair pins, pull the wavy messy locks into an extreme side parting. To add texture, finish off with a dry shampoo (the dependable Batiste Dry Shampoo £2.99 will suffice). The volumizer and dry shampoo combine to give you soft waves complemented by a glossy finish.
Another variation of the same look can be achieved by using a thin comb and securing your mane into a high ponytail. Although this is one of the easiest and quickest hairstyles you can create at home, it gives the impression that you’ve spent hours labouring to perfect it.

Unlike celebrities who have an entire glam squad on call, we are on our own if we’d like to look stylish and put-together every single morning - hence it’s imperative that we learn a few (easy) tricks of the trade. We thought it was time that we help the lazy girl in you with easy tips and tricks so that you never have to repeat the same hairstyle two days in a row.

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