A Leopard Can’t Change Its Dark Spots, But You CAN!

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Dark spots are often due to breakouts and sun exposure. From oily SPF's clogging pores or over producing oil when you get hot and bothered. The good news is that why they are nuisance they aren’t permanent! With the UK summer looming, follow our anti dark spot treatment plan for smooth, pigment free face this summer. These quick and easy steps show you how to get glowing skin and keep it!

1) Hands off!

Take those mitts away from your face and leave them there! Yes it’s difficult but picking your face in the sun can leave a scar which will last much longer than 14.00 the dreaded zit will in the first place. Use a targeted spot treatment before you go to bed and by the time you’ve woken up it should have reduced in size and redness and be gone completely within a few days. Keihl's Blue Herbal Spot Treatment £14.00 is small and powerful at getting rid of spots fast, and it’s tiny enough to fit in your hand luggage!

2) Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate!

Sloughing away those dead skin cells will not only help keep pores clear but it will also allow your fresh skin underneath to absorb the spot treatment even faster. Simple Clear Skin OIl Balancing Face Scrub £1.99 is one of the best priced exfoliators on the market. Packed full of skin clearing witch hazel, it will help keep blemishes at bay!

3) Peel-y Good!

Up the ante on your exfoliators by adding a facial peel to your weekly beauty regime. At home peels can work wonders on dark spots, the glycolic acid peels provoke the skin repair mechanism and expel the dark pigment from your skin. Caudalie Glycolic Peel £28.00 is a non irritating, sulphate free peel that will leave cheeks smoother and even toned.

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4) Take Your Vitamins!

No I don't mean, eat loads of fruit and veg (although that will most certainly help). I mean look for products that contain powerful forms of Vitamin A, otherwise known as Retinoids. These wonder ingredients have been proven to speed up cell turnover and therefore get rid of spots faster! As well as increasing collegen production which leads to a smoother, more youthful complexion. Ren Bio Retinoid Ant Wrinkle Concentrate Oil £44.00 is a supercharged serum that will leave skin plumper and healthier and diminish the signs of age spots.

5) Suncream. Wear it!

If there’s only one change you make then make it suncream! Use a broad spectrum SPF 30 daily and your skin will thank you for it. By tanning your skin is actually sending out a protective pigment (melanin) to stop you burning. However this is actually skin damage and will later surface as freckles and sun spots. So Slap on the SPF and remain spot free!

Avenue High Protection Clenance Sunscreen SPF 30 £17.00 is rich in thermal Spring Water and has soothing & anti-irritating properties. It contain Cucurbita Pepo extract, excellent for regulating oil production and is suitable for for hypersensitive blemish-prone skin. Slather it on now!

With summer approaching it’s time to start taking care of your skin now, with our preventative tips. A small addition to your routine, to show you how to heave healthy glowing skin all year round, and keep it that way!

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