A Luxurious & Healing Spa Treatment for Busy Women

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I started off 2019 with a lot of ambition after a great break over Christmas. I had new goals to achieve at work and was full of fearlessness. Six weeks in I was already exhausted, over worked and felt like I needed another holiday. I knew going on another trip was not an option, but I am a big believer in self care, love and healing.

Being very drawn to wellness and beauty I knew my body needed a relaxing and healing massage, so when I heard Ushvani Spa in Knightsbridge had launched a new treatment with the healing properties of Jade stone in time for Chinese New Year, I had to check it out.

I tried the Jade Stone Ritual treatment which lasted 2 hours. The staff greeted me with a clean towel, new slippers and a refreshment. The spa is beautifully decorated and put me into relaxation mode straight away. They have a lovely aquarium which is worth a visit too. I was set for an appointment at 5pm but they were kind enough to move it a little later so that I could use the pool and steam room facilities.

After I was finished in the steam room my therapist, Elsa, took me to a treatment room and asked me if there were any special areas I wanted to focus on (neck and shoulders are always my weak spot). The massage was a mix of their Balinese technique with hot and cold Jade stones. This technique helped relax my muscles while Elsa took out all my shoulder knots. Jade stones help with healing, positive energy and also boosts the circulation.

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Elsa asked me to lie on my stomach and started the massage on my upper and lower back, only using hot stones which was very soothing. Then she moved to the leg area and asked me to lie on my back. The experience then changed as she used a mix of both hot and cold Jade stones on my legs and face which helped boost the circulation and really energised me.

Once the amazing massage was completed (I really really didn't want it to stop!) Elsa covered my body in a Coconut & Kemiri butter and wrapped a plastic sheet around me while I lied on the heated treatment bed. While the product was soaking in Elsa gave me the best head and foot massage ever! The foot massage wasn't just a regular massage, it was a foot reflexology session which I really enjoyed.

To finish off the treatment I was invited to go into their luxurious rain shower which contained actual coconut water. Yes you heard that right. Ushvani Spa prepared a Coconut water shower for me. All natural and the feeling after was just amazing. I felt totally rejuvenated and recharged to take on the rest of the week.

The treatment cost £250 and lasted 2 hours. Out of all the massage treatments I've tried in London this is by far the most luxurious and relaxing. I could not recommend it high enough. To book an appointment at Ushvani Spa visit their website or call 020 7730 2888.