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What a better subject on April Fools day (and because we do love a cheeky prank in the office) that indulging in some make up trickery. We've had baking for perfectly set foundation, contouring for cheekbones like a Kardashian and even clown contouring; once a way to hit back on social media trolls, who called make up clad women and men clowns just for the fact they showcased a variety of make up looks on instagram. However little did these trolls realise that that had unknowingly created a new trend; for extreme colour correcting, contour and highlighting, that once finished (admittedly the in between phase looks a little funny) makes the wearer look pretty damn incredible.

Whilst these face changing techniques will probably require you to set the alarm a little too early each morning, there are elements that are simply genius. So step aside clown contouring, colour correcting is the new (and may we add easy) technique in town. You may look a little like a circus performer when applying, once blended you look flawless! No fools in sight! So give colour correcting make up a go with our easy guide, and discover how this make up trickery works its magic.

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Color Correcting:

Step 1: Get to grips with the colour wheel. To put it simply, complimentary colours (opposite ones on the colour wheel) neutralise each other when layered. For example, applying a green corrector to a red blemish will help to cancel the redness right away. Bluey-purple under eye circles will work nicely with yellow and orange concealers and sallow skin will be nuked by lovely lilacs.

Step 2: Know your skin shade. Now you've got to grips with the colour wheel, you can apply it to step two. Essentially if you have a fair skin tone, use a lighter shade, and if you medium or darker, you can pick a colour corrector with a little more intensity.

Step 3: Clown Around. Start with a green corrector such as Max Factor Colour Corrector Stick Redness £9.99 and dot on where needed, such as chin, nose, and on any breakouts. Dab on in very thin layers and use the warmth of your fingers to cover evenly (no need to trowel it on people). Then go wild with the red colour corrector (I'm a big fan of this under the eyes to counteract those naughty less that 8 hours tell tale blue tones). Again, only use in very thin layers, too much make up under your eyes will simply crease and make you look older. Sneaky tip - if you don't have a red concealer you can also use a cream blush to trial the colour correcting make up style out. We love the creamy Anna Sui Cream Cheeky Colour £20.00 for it's build-able coverage. For those with yellow undertones or are feeling a little sallow, lilac is your friend. The Max Factor Colour Corrector Stick Dullness £9.99 will instantly brighten any sallow patches. You should now be looking like a pastel patchwork, bear with us here, it works we swear.

Step 4: Blending is your friend. The trick to this look is to blend the colour correcting concealers so there are no harsh edges but you still want the colours to be visible, that way once your foundation is applied over the top it will neutralise all colours and leave you with a gorgeously even face. I like to use Nars Luminous Weightless Foundation £32.00 as it's so lightweight, that even with all of the concealers underneath you won't feel too caked in make up. When applying your foundation, move away from the usual foundation brush and use a sponge. As with a brush you will just spread the colour correcting concealers around and ruin the placement, but a sponge can carefully dab on the foundation and melt it into the skin without ruining all of your hard work. Your skin should now look FLAWLESS. Apart from the red/ orange bits around the eye of course. But using the same dabbing technique as before, simply pat on an eye concealer like Cover FX Cream Concealer £23.00 and voila, a foolproof way to get perfect skin!

So I may not have time for a full face of clown contouring in the morning, but a sneaky bit of colour correcting is definitely within my reach. Time to stockpile on the colour correcting make up...

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