Are Semi-Permanent Lash Extensions The Right Choice For You?

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Anyone who has ever attempted to apply lash extensions at home knows, the first time you try is just a total car crash. I remember my first time on the quest for longer lashes, eagerly getting ready for a halloween party dressed up like A Clockwork Orange. I had no idea how to attach this fandangled object to my upper lid and after 25 minutes of sweat, tears and tweezers in my eye I officially resigned. I personally identify as not being dextrous enough to wield the false lash, but after a bit of research I came across some amazing photos of semi-permanent lash extensions at Lady Lash and I just had to check it out.

My technician for the afternoon was the lovely Hanna who didn't waste any time in getting me on to the bed (comfy pillow and fluffy blanket included) and prepping me for my new, longer lashes. She explained she would be using the Russian Volume Technique which involves adhering anywhere from 3-5 false lashes to a single natural lash to create extra volume. Being one of the first salons in the world to launch this revolutionary technique, and having performed over 10,000 sets of lashes in 7 years, I felt immensely reassured that my peepers were in safe hands. As a certified member of the British Association of Beauty Therapy & Cosmetology (BABTAC) and Beauty Guild, all the technicians at Lady Lash carry out there work to the highest of standards, practicing excellent hygiene and using a hand sanitiser which I have to say smelt absolutely fantastic.

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Hanna decided to give me a natural looking set of lashes based on my preferences and we agreed upon a length that would look great whilst also sitting comfortably on my eye. They have an incredible collection of before and afters so if you're wondering which eyelash style would suit your look you can browse their gallery here. Once we had agreed on the style Hanna popped two stickers underneath both my eyes and recommended I go to sleep as it would take approximately 2 hours to apply the lashes. Asking to sleep whilst having a beauty treatment? I know, it's a hard life...

The application was surprisingly comfortable considering I have always been someone who finds it incredibly difficult to keep my eyes still once they're closed and Hanna dealt with my shaky eyes very well. After the first half hour I did feel myself begin to drift off and before I knew it the application was over. The stickers were removed from my eyes and I was able to see my lashes like I had never seen them before. My once sparse and rather modest lashes had been transformed into thicker, fuller, longer lashes. As the false lashes are all attached to your natural lashes, they move naturally with your eyelid and it barely feels like you're wearing extensions at all.

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As you can see from this before and after image, the lash extensions made a huge difference to the way my eyes looked giving me much longer lashes and for the first month following the appointment I had absolutely no need to apply any mascara. The maintenance for the lashes is very simple:

  • keep the lashes dry for 24 hours

  • avoid using makeup and products which contain oil as this can dissolve the glue

  • avoid sleeping on your face for a rather unflattering effect...

  • wash daily with eye-friendly face wash or Johnson's Baby Shampoo £2.59

  • to maintain original lash quality, return for infills approximately every 3 weeks

It's such a fantastic feeling to be able to step out of bed in the morning and already have your eye makeup ready to go. I received hundreds of compliments for my new lashes and whilst many noticed a difference, they were surprised to find they were false lashes because they looked so real. Sadly I was unable to return for my infills but over 6 weeks on I still have fuller, thicker and longer lashes than before. I will definitely be making a return journey to Lady Lash in the near future for a full set because I have to admit, my favourite kind of makeup is not having to wear any makeup at all!

If you'd like to see some of the amazing work going on at Lady Lash, you can view their gallery here.

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