Are These The Products You Need To Finally Combat Oily Skin?

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Is it just me or has anyone else noticed there often seems to be a reoccurring stigma against incorporating oil based cleansers or facial oils into an oily or acne prone complexion?

As a former fighter of oily skin, the thought of coming face to face with the sight of a facial oil pipette bottle would consequently terrify me as a teenager. "How can adding oil to oily skin do anything but more harm than good?" I would shriek to my Mother who is still against the idea of facial oils today, but is slowly coming round to the idea.

It wasn't until I began my career as a beauty journalist 4 years ago that I started to learn more about the significance to facial oils and just how well they can in fact help to balance oily skin when used correctly.

"The trick is finding the right oil for your skin type," says skin care guru Armandip Ghir. "It is quite common for people to want to steer clear of oil - based products if their skin is oily, however this is quite inaccurate. Oily skin often produces more oil as a defence mechanism to balance out the loss of moisture on your skin, by using oil - based products, the oil attracts oil and helps to dissolve sebum, grease or makeup without stripping the skin of its natural oils."

Oil based products which include the right nutrients for your skin can also help to provide essential nourishment to oily / combination complexions, whilst relieving the chore of makeup removal and keeping breakouts at bay.

One beauty brand I'm infatuated with at the moment are Stripped Skincare who couldn't have landed on the My Beauty Matches desk at a better time! With a range of products that are dedicated to dealing with oily skin and tackling adult acne and blemishes, Stripped Skincare have pretty much nailed every possible skin care scenario with their 100% naturally sourced collection, which is perfect for the current season and Winter months ahead.

Panda eyes be gone

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Does the thought of wearing waterproof makeup leave you wanting to run a mile? When top editors in the the beauty industry are even confessing to steering clear from waterproof makeup, it's no wonder waterproof formulas are considered a necessity during extenuating circumstances!

This could be all about to change though with Stripped Skincare's Lavender Eye Makeup Remover Oil, £8 which melts away even the toughest waterproof makeup in a matter on minutes.

Designed to be massaged directly over the eye area with fingertips and then wiped with a damp cotton pad, this make makeup remover oil could just be the answer to every waterproof makeup lovers worst nightmare.

Ultra cleanse

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You can't beat the feeling of a heavenly hydrating hot cloth cleanser especially during the colder months when your skin needs an extra dose of comfort. Stripped Skincare's Calendula And Mandarin Hot Cloth Cleanser, £15 helps to leave skin feeling thoroughly cleansed, clean and congestion free. Enriched with natural ingredients it's also a pro at breakout prevention and balancing sebum production, for blemish fighting skin that speaks for itself.

Exfoliate away

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Remember when it was once thought that abrasive exfoliating scrubs were the only way to get through to acne / blemish prone skin? It's because of my over exfoliating teenage days that I'm still feeling the need to appoligise to my skin on a daily basis!

Luxury oil based exfoliator's are thankfully now the new phenomenon and wow am I loving this Spearmint And Lemon Bamboo Exfoliator, £12 from Stripped Skincare. Formulated with fine bamboo powder this innovative exfoliator helps to clear away dead skin cells and congested pores for healthy glowing skin which has the green light.

Moisture magic

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If moisturisers could speak Stripped Skincare's Rosehip And Mandarin Moisturising Oil, £16 would be a new companion that feels like a long lost friend! Out of all the products Stripped Skincare stock this has got to be the one which ultimately made me think: "Why didn't I use an oil as part of my moisturising routine before?"

For anyone who is still debating the oil debate I urge to to try this product, which helps to balance the skin, moisturise and clear blemishes all in one go! The moisturiser has offically been added to my skin care saviours list and I honestly don't see it leaving any time soon, plus it smells equally as divine as the rest of the Stripped Skincare range.

Luscious lips

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Whilst I religiously apply a lip balm everyday before topping it off with one of my loveable lipsticks, it only seems to be during the Winter months that I actually pay a dedicated amount attention to my lips in a bid to rescue their dehydrated, dry texture.

Stripped Skincare's Peppermint Lip Balm, £4.50 helps to soothe and protect dry lips from the harmful Winter season to ensure they are stronger, protected and weather resilient.

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