5 Signs You Are Dangerously Dehydrated

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Being thirsty or having dry skin on your face and body are not the only signs of dehydration, and it's not just a condition you need to watch out for in the summer months, it can in-fact occur at any time of year. Although when the temperatures rise this is when you need to be especially vigilant for the signs you're dehydrated, and possibly dangerously so.

Whilst raging thirst and dry skin are the obvious signs there are others you may not recognise. If you spot these indicators then drink up, not only will your skin than you but you will be saved from a whole host of more serious issues such as dizziness, tiredness, loss of strength, headaches and kidney stones.

1. Bad breath

If you breaths a bit whiffy, chances are you're dehydrated, leading o a dry mouth. Saliva is your body's naturally antibacterial mouthwash, keeping smelly breath inducing bacteria at bay. If you're dehydrated you won't produce enough saliva to keep your mouth clean and fresh and the bacteria will multiply and cause halitosis. Dr Oliver Mouth Cleanser an alcohol free mouthwash that neautralise the pH balance of your mouth and keeps breath minty fresh.

2. Muscle cramps

Loss of electrolytes sodium and potassium via sweating can lead to painful cramping in your muscles. If you do get struck down with cramp, drink water and massage the affected area with Kneipp Body Massage Oil Arnica the warming ginger essential oils will penetrate the muscles, relaxing any tension and help soothe any residual pain. Shop all hydrating Body Oils here.

3. Constipation

Sh*t happens. Or doesn't in this case. If there isn't adequate fluid in your colon, you can become constipated and suffer hard, dry stools. Increase your water intake and massage your abdomen in a clockwise direction.

4. Food Cravings

Ever get a craving for sweets and sugary food? It’s not just an afternoon slump. You could be dehydrated. Sugar is especially common with dehydration as your body may be having difficulty "When you're dehydrated you can actually get food cravings. While it could be anything from chocolate to a salty snack, a desire for sweets is more common, because your body may be experiencing difficulty with glycogen production, which is the enzyme needed to convert sugar into energy.

5. Dry Skin on face or body

If you’re dehydrated then your blood volume is depleted and on of the first signs that your body isn’t getting enough water is dehydration, dry skin. This can occur on your face and body, especially by prolonged exposure to the sun. Which causes water to evaporate from skin too fast and can sunburn especially can lead to cracking and peeling which needs more moisture to repair it that undamaged skin. Skin can also become dehydrated from office air con and heating, so make sure you sip water throughout the day, even if you are sitting at your desk. If you do accidentally burn, put the moisture quickly back into your skin with Thalgo Sun Repair Cream Mask which can even be used on your decollete to keep skin supple and smooth.

My Beauty Matches Top Tips for upping your water intake:

If you can’t face dizziness or dry skin, make sure you stay hydrated. We know water can be a little boring and seem like a chore but with these top tips you’ll be staying hydrated without even realising:

  1. Keep your water bottle on your desk: It will remind you to drink up and you can keep track of how much you have consumed.

  2. Jazz up plain water: Find water dull? Then add a squeeze of lemon or lime, mint leaves or my favorite pink grapefruit and thyme to make a delicious spritzer.

  3. Snack well: Opt for hydrating snacks such as fruit, and vegetable crudites which have a higher water content that crisps or chocolate.

  4. Limit your coffee intake: These can dehydrate you, so try and limit to just one cup a day and replace with caffeine free herbal teas instead.

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