Are You Losing Too Much Hair?

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Hair loss may bring to mind older men, a typical horseshoe shaped ring of hair decorating their otherwise shiny scalp. However, young women with luscious thick curls, olympic athletes and even children can all suffer from the condition, at any age, and at any time.

Thousands of young women worry daily about the amount of hair they are pulling out of the shower drain daily or bulk buy thickening shampoos.

Before you start worrying about a few strands you have just pulled loose, find out what makes healthy hair and what is a normal amount of hair loss?

We are all born with around 100,000 hair follicles on our head, and each of those hair follicles, these follicles have a predetermined number of growing cycling within their lifespan, which last our lifetime. The cycles include hair growing, then it plateaus and then it falls out. Each time the hair grows back, it gets a little thinner and finer, which is why hair naturally gets thinner as you age.

As babies our hair grows singularly out of a hair follicle, as we age they increase with each cycle. So by the time you are in your teens you have clusters of 4 or more hairs per follicle leading to bouncy, voluminous hair. As we continue to age, that process reverses itself and your hair strands per follicles decrease again leading to naturally thinning hair. This decrease is so gradual you only really notice when you have lost about 50% of your hair's volume. The thinning leads to less volume on the top of your scalp, which is hard to notice.

So what is the difference between regular, expected hair loss (*worriedly looking at the shower drain) and someone suffering from real hair loss rather than just naturally aging hair?

Whilst men’s hair loss is usually down to straight forward genetics, women face a number of possibilities that can cause thinning hair and the main causes are shown below. Keep reading to learn some surprising things about your locks, the 4 biggest reasons for hair loss and how to keep it healthy the natural way.

1. Hormones

Hormones can be the root to all evil, or more specifically acne, bloating and hair loss. Thyroid problem and polycystic ovarian syndrome can cause fluctuations in male dominated hormones called androgens which like in men, can lead to hair loss in women who have high levels of them. Estrogen is the key in keeping hair luscious and strong.

2. Your diet

Crash dieting is a major cause of hair loss. If you are aggressively cutting calories you body isn't getting enough essential nutrients to keep everything strong, one of the first things to show it will be your hair turning, dry, brittle and thin. Once you go back on a healthy diet that contains plenty of iron (a very important nutrient for hair growth), which you can get from red meat, eggs, spinach, kale and pulses it should come back healthy and full again.

3. Acne

Acne, or more specifically acne medications can lead to thinning hair as one of their more unpleasant side effects. Opt for regular facials and natural alternatives is your hair is thinning.

4. Stress

Emotional stress cause high levels of cortisol to surge around the body. Cortisol speeds up the hair’s natural cycle and causes it to fall out quicker. Once replaced it grows back thinner. The more stressed you are, the thinner it gets. Take up meditation and become mindful of how to manage your stress levels, as a happy mind leads to happy hair!

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