Are You Making These Potentially Lethal Exfoliating Mistakes?

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Whether you have blocked pores, need to get rid of ingrown hairs or want to reduce rough patches of skin on your elbows and heels, exfoliating is a good way to prevent these things from happening. However not one type of exfoliation fits all body parts and in some cases it can be exceedingly dangerous. By exfoliating badly you could cause more issues than fix them and not just on your person but for the environment too. Read on for dermatologically approved exfoliating tips for all your skin issues to make your skin glow from top to toe.

The Exfoliation Lowdown:

Before you go scrubbing away you need to understand what and how exfoliation works. Essentially there are 2 ways to exfoliate; physically (where you scrub the skin) and chemical (where it peels off). Both involve removing dead skin cells to reveal bright new skin underneath.

1. Not Exfoliating often enough

If you're not exfoliating every week, you are risk of damaging your skin. By exfoliating at least once a week you prevent the buildup of dead skin cells and oils clogging up your pores and leading to spots, ingrown hairs and regular exfoliation helps to reduce scarring and dark spots.

2. Exfoliating too often

Logically you might assume that the best way to get rid of dry flaky skin is to exfoliate it more often. Sadly this is not the case. Over exfoliation can exacerbate the problem and lead skin to becoming even drier.

3. Using Regular scrubs on your face

Don’t use just any old scrub on your face. The particles in body scrubs are far too large and coarse, made to even out the thicker, tougher skin and can damage delicate facial skin. made to.By using a facial scrub that contains Glycolic and lactic acid (alpha hydroxy acids, or AHAs) bright, fresh skin will be revealed, and the appearance of fine lines will be reduced without any aggressive scrubbing needed. Elemis Anti-ageing Papaya Enzyme Peel gently regenerates even the most sensitive skin.

4. Avoiding your eye area when exfoliating

Now, I’m not saying get all gung ho and scrub around your orbital bone with a hot salt scrub like you would with your legs. However, by using a product specifically engineered to refine the delicate skin around your eyes you will reap the benefits. Regular exfoliation will stimulates cell turnover, which in turn will lead to a smoother, brighter eye area and the elimination of fine lines. It will also increase the power of your eye cream though an increased absorption rate and it targets and prevents milia, those small pouches of keratin trapped close to the surface of your skin.

5. Using scrubs contains microbeads

Microbeads are those tiny plastic pellets, that can often be found in scrubs instead of their natural alternatives such as sea salt. The pellets go down the drain and into rivers, lakes and oceans. Microbeads are tiny, and may seem harmless, but 100,000 microbeads are washed down the sink with a single application of some products, from toothpaste to scrubs. These microbeads are so small that fish swallow them easily. Sadly the plastic is toxic for the fish, who are then eaten by other aquatic species and humans, who in turn are then all poisoned by the microbeads. Not good. Opt for biodegradable, natural alternatives, such as walnut, rice and bamboo extracts instead. All of Cowshed’s scrubs contain only naturally derived, biodegradable ingredients such as Cowshed Spearmint Exfoliating Salt Scrub is an invigorating blend of sea salt, seaweed, spearmint and macadamia oils to pep up your circulation, that will not only energise and uplift your mood but reduce the apperance of cellulite and help remove ingrown hairs too.

6. Forgetting About your lips

Lipsticks adhere longer on smooth lips, fact. By gentle Lip exfoliation you lips will become moist, supple and reduce the frequency of cracking. Fresh Sugar Lip Polish contains actual brown sugar that gently slough off any flaky bits. It also contains natural humectants, which prevent moisture loss, so your lips won’t feel dry post-use.

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