Are you washing your face WRONG?

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You've mastered your favourite makeup looks, can work day make up in a flash and your eyeliner flick is on point (literally). Your skincare routine has been drilled into you, you obsessively wear eye cream, cleanse and tone and use SPF religiously daily, use a mask weekly and have your exfoliators lined up in order according to how your skin feels on the day. Your skin must be the best in the business right? WRONG. What if, after all this hard work you’ve put in you are actually aging your skin by something as simply as not washing your face correctly. (oh the horror). Read on to find the technique that will take the make up and the years off your face and leave you with glowing skin. Read on for the best face-washing, anti ageing skin care tips.

1. Are you over cleansing?

Unless you work somewhere literally filthy, you should only be washing your skin (both face and body) twice daily at the most. The ideal times are in the morning when you wake up, to remove any post sleep residue, sweat and you can pick up in the night. And also in the evening before you go to sleep to get rid of the grime, pollution and makeup from the day. If you’re super active and run to work or pop to the gym in your lunch hour you might need to have a few extra quick cleansing sessions, but that’s the important word here. Keep them QUICK. Keep the washing short and sweet with minimal soap. As over washing can strip your skin of it’s natural oils, leaving skin parched and dry. Which can lead to wrinkles and premature aging. Read on to find out about Perricone MD's Blue Plasma Cleanser.

2. Do you scrub too hard?

Washing your face should be nice and quick, aka under two minutes. Aggressive scrubbing to get rid of stubborn mascara can damage lashes and even worse, make them fall out. To remove even waterproof mascara without making your eyelids bald use an oil based makeup remover, specifically designed for eye so there's no nasty stinging business Lancome Bi-facil Eye Make-up Remover £21.50 makes even waterproof mascara removal a total breeze.

3. Are you using the wrong cleanser?

When it comes to washing your face it’s not one size fits all so to speak. Buy a face wash that is designer specifically for your skins needs. For example. If you have sensitive skin, use a cleanser specifically designed to be kind to your skin.I’m currently loving Avene Extremely Gentle Cleanser Lotion For Hypersensitive & Irritable Skin £18.00, which is made with thermal spring water is super gentle on even the most sensitive skin. For those who’s skin needs something a little stronger to make you feel clean Kiehl's Centella Skin-calming Facial Cleanser £26.50 Thoroughly removes impurities and visibly reduces excess oil on skin's surface.

4. Are you over-exfoliating?

If your skin’s flakey, don’t exfoliate it. Whilst that might seem like a quick way to get rid of the “facedruff” it will make it a lot worse in the long run. Exfoliate 1-2 times a week with a gentle exfoliator Sisley Botanical Gentle Facial Buffing Cream £47.00. Slather this on and peel it off along with all those nasty dead skin cells. You skin is seriously soft and smooth after just one use.

5. Are you heating things up?

There’s no point in using all of these delicious sensitive skin products if you're then going to whack on the hot tap ruin it all with some steamy water. Yes hot water feels nice and cosy but sadly it removes all of the natural oils and it causes the blood vessels in your face to dilate, leaving you with a splotchy, red and dry face. Yuck. Keep the water temperature lukewarm and reap the benefits.

6. Do you use face wipes for EVERYTHING?

They may be the easy option for cleaning your face after a late night, sadly contrary to popular belief, face wipes don't actually cleanse your skin. They only remove visible makeup from the surface. And the material is often scratchy, can irritate and dry your skin out, especially around the eyes. If you are a fan of a wipe to remove the excess make up, go for a gently nourishing one that’s free from parabens and other nasties such as Korres Milk Protein Cleansing Wipes All Skin Types 25 Wipes £7.00.

7. Have you got a bit lazy on the wash cloth front?

Just because you use something to clean your face, doesn't mean it doesn't get dirty. It’s important to use a clean cloth after every use. Old cloths in a humid bathroom are as enticing for bacteria as pollen to bees. Aka. VERY. And to add to the ICK factor, they can then transfer fungus to your face.

Turn your wrong into a RIGHT, and find the best cleanser for your skin type here.