6 Fragrances To Authentically Capture Autumn

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Are you finding your summer eau fraiche scents don’t quite “go” in Autumn? Are you looking to change your fragrance as well as your wardrobe as temperatures drop? You’re not alone.

Many perfumistas (that’s you and me) like to change their scent according to seasons and Autumn is the perfect time to get out the ambers, chypres, vanillas and spices. In cold weather, we want to be comforted and cossetted, and that’s where Autumn fragrances step in. It’s time for the warm and cosy perfume notes to come out to play.


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One of my all-time favourite Autumn fragrances has to be Guerlain Shalimar, £96. With its deep Oriental spices and its toasty warm vanilla notes in the base, Shalimar will cocoon you in an alluring aura all day, and all night too if you get the eau de parfum or parfum strength.

E.Coudray Paris

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Sticking with the vanilla theme, I fell in love with E Coudray Amber and Vanilla, £58. It’s a silky, buttery vanilla that retains all of the warmth and depth of vanilla without the syrupy sugar that sometimes gets involved in vanilla fragrances. With amber adding some gentle warmth, this irresistible fragrance will have you sniffing your wrist non-stop, like it did with me.

Sarah Jessica Parker

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Speaking of warm fragrances, don’t miss the most recent eau de parfum release from Sarah Jessica Parker Stash, £40 is a wonderfully woody and aromatic scent that suits anyone, male or female. With aromatic sandalwood, hints of Frankincense, sage and pepper, this will have you thinking of cosy wood panelled interiors with a touch of smoky mystery.


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Chypres work even better in Autumn than they do in summer. With their characteristic bitter, earthy tones, chypres often bow out with a retro powdery flourish that always makes me think of elegant Dior New Look models in the 1950s. One of my favourites is Miss Dior Originale, £59.50 not be confused with the more modern incarnation with the little bow around its neck. Miss Dior Originale adds a touch of classic vintage glamour to your day with its oakmoss, patchouli, mimosa and roses. As Christian Dior himself said of it: “I created this perfume to wrap each woman in exquisite femininity.”

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Thierry Mugler

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Cold weather turns our thoughts towards delicious treats and nothing comforts like a good gourmand fragrance. Add some earthy patchouli to a rich chocolate floral and what have you got? Thierry Mugler Angel, £51.50. This perennial favourite always smells like Autumn to me and those patchouli notes add an earthiness to the chocolate, and who doesn’t love chocolate?


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One of my favourite fragrances for this time of year is Chanel Coco eau de parfum, £52. This rich complex scent unfurls its layers as you wear it and longevity is excellent. Coco opens with mandarin, peaches and aromatic spices, with a floral heart of roses, clover, orange flower and mimosa. The base is a complex yet seamless blend of woods, amber and leathery labdanum flower. In its classic Chanel bottle, Coco can grace any dressing table and hold its own like the timeless classic it has become.

As for me? Well, I can’t decide. Can I just have all of them?