Beautiful Bridesmaid Looks You Can Easily Achieve

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Whether you’re walking down the aisle for your roommate from college or your cousin sister, being a bridesmaid comes with a truckload of responsibilities. You’re in charge of helping the bride with everything from picking a delicious wedding cake to working out the perfect seating charge. On her big day the bride is so busy worrying about her own makeup, hair and dress that sprucing up her bridesmaids becomes a secondary concern. To make sure you have easy makeup tricks handy to share with the rest of the wedding troop, here’s a list of inspirational bridesmaid looks.

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As weddings are becoming increasingly unconventional, bridesmaids aren't afraid to experiment with bold looks. Brides are more than happy to give the special women in her life a chance to look how they please. To achieve this, start by going heavy on the eyeliner and mascara while keeping the eyeshadow and lips natural. Lancome’s Hypnose Star Eyes Palette St7 Au Naturel £33.75 has all the right shades to complete your look. Use the light pink shade and cover the upper lid evenly. To achieve the slightly thicker-than-usual cat eyes, using a jet black liquid liner draw a neat line starting from the innermost corner of the eye and working your way out. On your lower lid use Bobbi Brown’s Smokey Eye Kajal Liner £22.00 to finish off the perfect alluring eyes. If you’re wearing a strapless dress at the event, pair this look with a glamorous updo. Start by adding some dry shampoo to your hair to give it more texture and then using your hands, create a tight ponytail. Twist the pony tail into a bun, by tucking the end of the hair below the bun and finish the look by using some hairspray and hairpins.

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If you’re looking to go for a more conventional bridesmaid getup, then work a subtle makeup look and pair it with sleek high ponytail. Once you’ve set your face with an even coat of foundation and concealer, apply a soft shimmery shade from Clinique’s Wear Everywhere Eyeshadow Octet £32.00 to your eyelid. Use a soft pink shade to fill up your eyelid and define the crease of the eye with a shimmery white shade. At a wedding, one thing is for certain, you’re going to be posing for a lot of pictures. Dressing for the camera requires adding an extra glow to your face so make sure to use a highlighter to give your cheekbones some radiance. For a luminous glow a product we love is Yves Saint Laurent’s Radiant Touch/ Touche Eclat Luminous Ivory Beige £28.00 as it melts onto our makeup base like butter and instantly brightens it up. Combine this with Revlon's Ultra Matte HD Lipstick Love £8.99 and you’re ready to take on the day.

With gorgeous sunny days shining ahead of us one thing is for certain, we’re going to be attending a whole lot of weddings. When you’re walking down the aisle and it isn't your big day then this inspiration list is what you need. If the bride insists on dressing the bridesmaids alike then use these looks to stand out in the crowd.

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