Beauty Director of Brides Magazine, Funmi Fetto Lets Us In On Her Skincare Secrets

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Funmi’s first foray into the beauty industry over 15 years ago was as an intern for the Elle fashion department (she actually trained as an accountant first, so not just a pretty face). Then delving full-time into magazine life she worked across the fashion styling and fashion features departments for numerous publications including Harpers Bazaar, Instyle, Telegraph. Funmi’s love for writing grew and she began writing about beauty alongside fashion which led to a column in Marie Claire and later Acting Beauty Director roles at Tatler and Vogue. Now, Funmi is the resident in house Beauty Director at CondeNast Brides and also regularly contributes to The Telegraph and Vogue. We managed to steal a few minutes of Funmi’s busy schedule and gather her top tips to perfect your skincare philosophy and get glowing skin all year round.

Funmi is a big advocate for taking care of your skin, and with gorgeously, glowing skin like her’s, who are we to argue with that?

Get glowing skin like Funmi:

Tip 1) Get Clean.

Cleanse, Cleanse and Cleanse again. This really is the foundation of great looking skin. I am big on cleansing my skin morning and night. I never go to bed with make-up on as I need to get the day's grime and pollution off my face. It’s important to ‘listen to your skin’. If your skin is drier/prone to breakouts/oilier/dehydrated due to a change of season, change up your routine and try introducing something different to combat that. Simply introducing a new hydrating serum instead of a heavy face cream or an oil based cleanser instead of it’s foam based relative could be just the thing to make all the difference. I switch up my routine based on what my skin is telling me. If I need more brightening, I tend to use Murad’s vitamin C cleanser £34.00, if my skin is feeling sensitive and a little dry, I’ll juggle between RMK’s Cleansing Oil £29.00 and Eve Lom’s Morning Time Cleanser £40.00 .

Tip 2) Exfoliate like a pro.

In their efforts to avoid a harsh scrub, many brands end up overcompensating so the exfoliator leaves a slightly greasy residue on the skin. Which means you have to wash your skin again to get rid of it - which is annoying. Alpha H do great exfoliators I also love Dr Sebagh's Deep Exfoliating Mask £59.00 and recently added Sarah Chapman’s Liquid Facial Resurfacer £36.00 to my routine. Its fab! However, to really rid the skin of those dead skin cells, nothing beats a really good facial, and I advocate adding this into your monthly beauty routine. I love facials; Murad, Alpha H and Eve Lom facials are all my go to. They all also include extractions – which I am slightly obsessed with. There’s something so satisfying about getting all the gunk out.

Tip 3) Find the right Moisturiser

My moisturisers fall into two categories – those that are brightening/hydrating and those that include sunscreen. I tend to layer them. You should never use a brightening moisturiser or serum without also protecting the skin with some kind of sunscreen. I use Murad’s Anti Ageing Moisturiser £29.70 for blemish prone skin on top, it is super hydrating and has SPF 30. I will also use SPF 50 especially in the summer months, but have to use it sparingly so it doesn’t leave a white finish.

Tip 4) Get fanatical about sunscreen.

This is a relatively recent discovery for me and I cannot advocate it more. It’s one of the things I wish I had been told as a young girl. Best piece of skin care advice: Wear sunscreen ALL THE TIME. I use it daily, and on the (very rare) days I forget, I freak out slightly!

Tip 5) Listen to your skin

I’ve also decided that when it comes to skincare, 'the no pain, no gain/it gets worse before it gets better' mantra is unacceptable. It’s a little bit like wearing painful shoes with the hope that the more you wear them, you’ll ‘break them in’ and the more comfortable they’ll become. It’s completely erroneous. If your skin is saying ‘I don’t like this’ to a product or treatment, stop using it.

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