4 Beauty Gadgets You Need In Your Life

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Photos, passports, letter sending; the world has gone digital and beauty is no exception. Whilst some may come with a pretty pice tag, beauty gadgets are making home maintenance and makeovers easier and faster than ever. Whilst some of us at My Beauty Matches are self-confessed technophobes, we like to keep up with the times, so in the interest of seeming current we've researched the hottest new gadgets on the market for transforming the way we do beauty.

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The Dafni Brush from Dafnihair £140.00

If you're tired of battling your curls in the morning then the Dafni Brush could be the perfect solution to halving the time it takes you to get ready. This brush has ceramic surfaces that are wider than most straighteners and heat up to around 185 degrees, meaning you can straighten whilst you detangle. With cool, heat-repellant bristles and handle this product takes the danger out of hair straightening, never again will you have to arrive at work looking like you've attempted to burn off your finger prints. Designed for use on dry hair, the Dafni Brush is faster to use than straighteners and claims to cause less damage to hair, meaning you can have smoother, healthier and shinier hair which carries more volume compared to straightener iron results.

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Romy Paris Skincare - Bespoke Face Cream from £455

We might have mentioned it a few times in the past (by a few times, I mean a lot) but at My Beauty Matches personalised beauty is our thing. We're all over it. Which is why when we discovered this gem of a gizmo which makes bespoke face creams dictated by the individual needs of your skin, it's safe to say we were more than a little excited. The active ingredients are separated into pods and up to three can be selected to tackle different issues where it's tiredness, ageing or breakouts. These pods are then blended with a base serum or cream and hey presto - your unique treatment catered for your needs is ready. With over 1000 different combinations to blend this personalised beauty gadget can create the perfect blend of ingredient so if you're tired one day, stressed the next and in need of hydration after that - Romy Paris Skincare will have the solution.

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StylPro Makeup Brush Cleaner & Drier £49.99

Cleaning your makeup brushes can be a real faff and if we're honest it's a boring job at best trying to get all the foundation out of the bristles. Thankfully Tom Pellereau (remember Tom The Inventor from The Apprentice?) has created the ultimate solution, an automatic brush cleaner and drier which will have you brushes fluffy and clean in an instant. Simply pour in the cleansing solution to the splash-guarded bowl and spin the brush in the solution, then lift and spin to dry. Keeping your brushes bacteria free is very important to prevent breakouts and the spread of unwanted nasties, so if you've not got the time to be giving your brushes a deep clean this gadget could well be what you've been looking for.

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The Mapo Mask £169.00

Like something out of iRobot the kickstarter-born beauty company Mapo have created an intelligent mask which uses sensors to guage the levels of moisture in your skin and adapts to optimise the efficacy of your skin care. The first step is to take photos of your face using an app which then creates a mask which is built upon a 3D model of your face - say goodbye to one-size-fits-all. The same app then receives information via bluetooth from your mask relating to the condition of your skin and, after applying your usual moisturiser, the mask then gently warms the affected parts of the mask to treat dry sections of skin. By tracking the health of your skin over time the mask enables you to keep it in tip-top condition so you can say goodbye to flaking.

So if you've been remaining loyal to the more traditional areas of beauty, perhaps it's time to give your skin care routine an upgrade with some of these revolutionary new gadget inventions. Sure, you could spend your days washing your makeup brushes yourself and safe the money, but isn't it more fun to have a robot do it for you?

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