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Consider this (relatable) scenario : You wake up after snoozing your alarm 15 times and barely have to put on the first outfit you see. You throw your hair into a bun hoping that it looks stylishly undone, and you’re off on your daily commute. As soon as you reach your office you realise that it’s the day the (very) important business meeting is scheduled for. Yes, it happens to the best of us. With eight hour work days we spend more waking hours at the office than anywhere else, so why shouldn't we personalise the space to make it more homely? We’re not talking about changing the decor of your closet-sized work space, we’re referring to essential beauty products that need to be on your work desk. Since the space is small and cluttered we’ve compiled a list of the bare beauty necessaries you should pick up today.

Hand Cream

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When you’re on call or you’re not busy typing away, you will find yourself absentmindedly grabbing this hand cream bottle. Before you know it you’ll have soft, supple hands worthy of a professional hand model. If you’re wondering which product to invest in then consider Shea Butter Hand Cream £8.00 by L’occitane. It is super smooth as its non-sticky cream easily melts on your skin. The presence of ingredients such as shea butter, honey and almond extract help immensely if you're battling with cracked skin.


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We all know that sunscreen needs to be applied every 2-3 hours to be truly effective and contrary to popular belief, it’s not a product especially for the summer season. Sun radiation is considered the top cause for encouraging visible ageing lines - reason enough to make it to this list? Go for BareMinerals’ Natural Sunscreen Light £25.00 as its formula is sheer and weightless, and it can be used from head to toe without clogging pores. Although it products a basic 30 SPF, it stands out from the other heavy, greasy chemical sunscreens available in plenty.

Emergency Makeup Kit

This one can’t be too elaborate, you don't have space enough to fit luxuries like an eyelash curler or a brow brush but you can surely make room for a mascara, eyeliner, lipstick and a concealer. Also to keep your hair style in place and tame the stubborn strands, add a portable bottle of Superdrug’s Hairspray Firm £0.89 to the list.


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A scent that you feel naked without, invest in a mini version of the same and that’ll be the best thing you buy that month. Although for your work desk we recommend a neutral scent - not too sweet nor too musky. The perfect scent that comes to mind is Calvin Klein’s CK2 Its fragrance has notes of wasabi, rose absolute and sandalwood. Unlike the sweet, fruity smells crowding this list, CK2 promises to keep you feeling fresh all day with its . Calvin Klein is marketing this one as a “gender-free” perfume, so two people in the house can use this one to smell minty fresh all day long with its ‘urban woody fresh’ tones.

It isn't easy having your life together all the time, but with these top beauty tips you will be one step closer to achieving the I-Don't-Know-She-Does-It status.

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