Bee-ing Good To Your Skin Could Take Years Off You

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Dating all the way back to 30 AD, honey has been used in everyday beauty regimes for its healing and moisturising properties. One brand in particular has caught our eye that’s recently hit the UK market - Bee Good’s naturally derived skincare products were born and developed in the kitchen of a Hampshire couple, whose background in beekeeping and love of experimentation in the kitchen have brought about this beautiful range.

We’ve had the privilege of adding them to our site, trying some of their amazing naturally based skin care products and talking to them about the story behind this British-born multi- award winning skincare brand.

What first gave you the idea to use your bees’ honey, beeswax and propolis to make natural skin care?

A: With an excess of honey and beeswax from their own beehives at her fingertips and inspired by Simon, our expert beekeeper, his wife Caroline found a recipe book from 1700’s and started making basic skincare products. The results spoke for themselves as they won local awards five years in a row and gathered a growing fan base. In 2013 Bee Good was launched commercially with the same original philosophy of making ‘skincare solutions by British bees’.

What is it about these bee ingredients that’s so beneficial for our skin?

A: The real magic of our British bee ingredients is that they work in harmony to achieve incredible natural skin care. When blended together, the beneficial properties for our skin are magnified!

HONEY is one of nature’s best kept beauty secrets, as it is a natural healer. It’s naturally antibacterial properties, helps to balance hormonal skin and is full of antioxidants that collectively contribute to the slowing down of skin ageing. It not only attracts water, it helps skin to retain it so provides suppleness and elasticity.

PROPOLIS is a truly wonderful ingredient which bees produce to keep infection out of the hive. Used in skincare, it is a natural soother and helps resist infection and impurities. This makes Propolis perfect for treating problematic skins as it stops bacteria spreading and enhances skin renewal. It’s also rich in vitamins B,C & E.

BEESWAX is a natural emollient so it reduces water loss and acts as a shield against harsh weather and environmental elements - perfect when used as a barrier to protect the skin it will also help to soften and soothe parched skin. Rich in vitamin A, it helps cell rejuvenation and re-hydration and is the best natural barrier alternative to petroleum jelly.

What about sensitive skin, acne and other skin concerns, can it help those?

A: The combination of our wonderful British bee ingredients, blended with specially targeted plant oils and natural skin care technologies means our formulations are designed to be gentle and effective. We hand select our ethically sourced botanicals to ensure that we are always meeting our objectives of calming, balancing and hydrating the skin. We’ve not included the key sensitisers in Bee Good natural skin care either to reduce the risk of sensitivity. We have many customers with particular skin challenges who have great results using products from across the range.

Do you have any secret beauty tips we can steal?

A: We believe that great skin doesn’t really happen overnight and that once you’ve achieved it, then great skin lasts forever. So we’re all about sustainable results not just instant fixes. Although our skin cells naturally replenish every 28 days it’s vital to keep skin stimulated as this increases oxygen flow and stimulates collagen production. We always encourage a good exfoliator and cleansing regime as the absolute starting point to healthy, happy skin.

What are your skincare plans for the future? Will we see any new releases anytime soon?

A: We’re always looking for new products to expand the range and we get lots of feedback from our customers about what they’d like to see next. We also reference our own bathroom cupboards to see what isn’t branded Bee Good yet and look at the trends for natural skin care that we know our miracle bee ingredients can fulfil. Watch this space for two new products launching in Spring 2017….with more to follow later next year.

Make sure you explore their entire range, as there is certainly something for everyone’s natural skin care needs.

If you’re in need of specific products to help your sensitive skin, acne, dryness or other skin concerns, take our quiz to find products specifically recommended to you.

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