Best Beach Proof Makeup To Last You Through The Day

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On the last count more than a 100 million pictures have been snapped on the beach and shared on Instagram. The reason for these excessive #BeachDay pictures is that when we’ve got the beautiful white sand, crystal clear blue water and a fruity cocktail in hand then how can we not whip out our cameras for a quick photoshoot session? The problem we all face is that in these pictures it’s tough to look your beautiful, composed self - our windswept hair and washed up makeup ruins the chance of the beautiful backdrop making the cut for our Instagram page. We’ve found a solution to that problem in the form of the best beach makeup available online. Following is a our picks of the best beach makeup that is waterproof, sweat-proof and guarantees you the perfect holiday selfie!

Creating The Right Base

Of all the waterproof, sweat-proof and beach-proof makeup available to buy, the toughest to pick is a good foundation. It’s a misconception that all you need to do is find the right shade, what needs to be taken into consideration is that the formula should be lightweight, moisturising and of course, should absorb into your skin easily. A product that checks all the right boxes is RMK’s Liquid Foundation £33.00 as its texture falls evenly on our skin and its waterproof formula gives long-lasting coverage, keeping our skin looking perfect from morning until night, no matter how many hours we spend at the beach.

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Lipsticks & More

We usually don’t bother applying any lipsticks when heading to the beach because why take an effort with it when it won’t even last more than an hour? If you’re tired of trying out lip shades which are barely there then give Make Up For Ever’s Rouge Artist Intense Lipstick #54 Pearly Pink Golden £17.50 a go. Not only is the shade and texture perfect for a dressed down day relaxing sea side, its formula helps it last throughout the day without the tedious task of reapplication.

Essential Eye Makeup

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If you’re into sporting a no-stress, barely-there look for the day at the beach then go for a simple mascara-foundation combination. While there are way too many options for a waterproof mascara we’re leaning towards The Body Shop’s Big & Curvy Waterproof Mascara £10.00 as its volumising formula lengthens your eyelashes to make your eyes appear fuller. Another product we can’t get enough of is Maybelline’s Lash Sensational Waterproof Mascara Black £7.99. It is a clump-free jet black massacre which is accompanied by a curved brush that manages to reach the tiniest of lashes, helping you create the look as dramatic as you desire it to be.

It is hard to keep your makeup intact during a long beach day but with our recommendations you’re sure to look camera-ready at any moment (even for the candid pictures.) As for the windswept hair? Nothing ups your beach style game than a fun floppy hat or a colourful bandana.

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