Best clinical pedicure for Summer

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Margaret Dabbs Reception

We all get pedicures in Summer however, this time I wanted to check out a medical pedicure. I have always wanted to see the difference from a normal pedicure and Summer is the best time to give it a try.

So I went to Margaret Dabbs as they are 1 of the best experts.

I wanted any of the harder parts of my skin fully removed, any visible corns if any and also check the health of my nails in case of any ingrown issues in the future.

And I am so glad I went. I believe everyone should have a Margaret Dabbs foot treatment at least once a year and every year. The first main difference is that your feet are first actually examined and looked at by a trained podiatrist. A podiatrist is a foot expert who is fully trained and can tell if your feet are too flat or not, if you are too flexible or not and what your foot actually needs. So in this case not only do you get a full on pedicure but the podiatrists also checks for any other more serious issues.

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Margaret Dabbs' podiatrist examining the feet of the client

I booked Margaret Dabbs in Space NK on Westbourne Grove in Notting Hill for a checkup and pedicure. I was initially taken into the podiatrist's room and then for my pedicure in a more open space with tea and magazines offered to me.

My podiatrist was a lovely French man who was very passionate about his work. He used all his fancy tools to remove dead skin, fix or clean around my nails and unlike other pedicurists, it was the 1st time someone ever noticed I had some dead skin under my big toe nails (which is just not visible to the naked eye) and he spent 20min making sure it is removed. He used special tools such as drills and micro motors, to clean well around the nails.

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Final result of Margaret Dabbs' pedicure

The other big difference I noticed was that unlike other pedicure places that dip their pedicure "instruments" in this blue sterilised water between treatments, at Maragaret Dabbs each tool they use has a new "disposable head". Everything is thrown away after they are used just once. How refreshing, safe and clean is that? This is just 1 of the many examples of how a Margaret Dabbs Foot Treatment is completely different. She even has her own products which you can find here. The podiatrist however, used this amazing foot oil that I actually bought to take home because it is a spray so very easy to apply, moisturised my foot incredibly with just 1 try and absorbed immediately into my skin so there was no stickiness.

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Intensive Treatment Foot Oil, £18.33.

All dead skin was removed from under my feet to around my nails, my nail conditions were perfected, cuticles pushed back and toe nails filed to perfection. After this I was brought to the 2nd room where another lovely lady painted my toes in absolute peace and quiet. It was so relaxing like heaven!

Needless to say I am going to be going back and the results lasted much much longer than a normal pedicure even though the whole treatment took about an hour only.

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Pedicure in process

The treatment ranges from £85 to £130, definitely an investment to make at least once a year or if not more. You can check and book all the treatments here.