Blow Drying Tips That Will Make You Look Like You've Stepped Out Of a Salon

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You may have the perfect outfit picked out and might even have finally managed to nail that feline flick eye liner but if your hair looks limp and lifeless, your meticulously planned getup is instantly ruined. If you’re short on budget or simply don't have the time to make an appointment with your go-to hairdresser then use our tips and tricks that will make you look like you’ve stepped out of a long salon session.

Believe us when we say that once you learn how to perfect this look you’re going to want repeat it over and over again, thus making it imperative to use a protective hair serum every time. If you’re wondering how to make your hair thicker then make sure to look for a product that protects your hair and at the same time makes your tresses appear shinier. L’Oreal’s Paris Studio/pro Sleek It Heat Cream £4.49 is an amazing option as its smoothing formula helps create sleek locks whilst protecting from your tresses at 230°C heat. Its cream keeps your hair safe during heat styling and creates an ultra-straight effect for sleek, smooth results.

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Another amazing product adored by the My Beauty Matches team is Beauty Works’ Heat Protection Spray £12.99. The product is a luxurious blend of organic Argan Oil and milk protein ingredients that leave your locks with added volume and a lustrous shine. It is designed to give your hair a soft, grease-free feeling so that you can use this spray during drying and straightening, to protect it against the heat.

Once you’ve spritzed on your desired armour, gently comb your hair to ensure that the formula is evenly distributed and that your locks are free of entanglements. Next, divide before you conquer your tresses - top, bottom, left side and the right side. Since it is the hardest to reach, start by working on the bottom section. The trick to getting a celebrity blowout in minutes is to hold the hairdryer vertical and work downwards.

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After all this hard work it’s heartbreaking to glance at yourself in the mirror and see that your hairstyle has come undone - and you’ve barely made it halfway through the night! If you’re one of those people whose hair simply refuses to obey then invest in Fortnum & Mason’s Oribe Superfine Hairspray £28.50. Unlike hairsprays that visibly harden your hair, this one is a sheer, dry product that delivers a high-performance bouncy look. We love that it gives us flexible, brushable and shiny-soft tresses. Another similar product is Reshapable Spray £5.99 by d:fi as it creates an invisible layer when sprayed on but at the same time, hands over the restyling power to you.

Making regular salon appointments not only eats into our monthly expenditure but it also uses up precious minutes of our day - hence the need to learn the art of celebrity blowouts. Use these tips and tricks on how to make your hair thicker so that you can flaunt gorgeous, shiny tresses every day of the week.

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