Brand of the Month: How To Get Thick, Luscious, Sexy Hair With Just 3 Products

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Hair thickening products are something that everyone can benefit from. Who has ever wished for less volume?

Sadly, since I moved to London, from the depths of the English countryside (shushh, don't tell anyone I’m not a local) whilst my career, social life etc have taken off, my hair has somewhat fallen flat of the mark. Used to a childhood of being rinsed in the equivalent of mineral water thanks to the high mineral content and straight from the streams water at my hometown (ahem village) . For the first 20 years of my life it was glossy and bouncy with a defined wave. However, London water hasn’t agreed quite so much with my now temperamental mane. It mostly has to do with volume. Sometimes I’ve got it in abundance and othertime it’s as flat as a french crepe. Whilst I like to think I’ve mostly got to grips with styling my hair these days, I still can’t quite get the hang of the volume thing, nor want the heat damage from constant blow drying and styling. Yet I still want the hair of Melissa Hemlsey (of Hemsley & Hemsley food fame...seriously, how much volume does one woman need? Don’t you know it’s rude not to share..)

I've spent a lot of time looking for these “miracle” hair thickening products that gives me the volume I crave, but suit my “wash & go” personality.

Which brings me to July’s brand of the month: Bumble & Bumble. This is the first hair care brand we've featured, and I have to say, we’ve picked a good one here. Recommended by a hair stylist I met to try. All I can say is, true love really does exists. And it’s right here, in my hair. In particular the Bumble & Bumble's new Full Potential line. This product isn't about knowing how to style your hair with a new products. But about putting the new product in and magically gaining so much volume that you don't have too. No professional blow dry needed.

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I simply shampoo which by the way it an experience in itself. The menthol scent is uplifting and invigorating, waking up not only your hair but your mind too. But not overpowering enough to make you feel like you’ve smothered your entire head in Vicks, don’t worry. As well as removing all traces of hair dulling (and flattening) product residue. Then pop on the Conditioner for a few minutes and rinse. Since starting their regime I have noticed a considerable amount less hair breakage. Anyone with thinning or breakage prone hair will LOVE this. Then simply spritz a little Bb. Full Potential Hair Preserving Booster Spray onto towel dried hair. Which is a highly potent and restorative Booster Spray that helps hair look fuller and feel thicker, without stickiness or drying hair out.

Honestly after just one wash you can literally “feel” the difference. There’s more to grab, and it feels GOOD.

What hair thickening products do you recommend for putting some volume into your hair? Tweet us @mybeautymatches and let us know.

We will be reviewing other products in the range throughout the month, but it you can’t wait that long, shop Bumble & Bumble here now.

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