Make Time For A Lie In With Overnight Hairstyles

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In our opinion, overnight beauty hacks aren’t given the credit they deserve. Especially in today’s day and age when we’re busier than ever, is there anything better than products that help you fight your beauty battles while you get a good night’s sleep? There are a large number of creams and face masks that take good care of your skin during the time your body recovers, however did you know that there are ways to cut short the amount of time you take to get ready the next morning? Yes, you’re allowed to hit that snooze button one more time. This latest hair trend helps you create hairstyles while you are sleeping. Sounds like a distant dream? Well, it’s not, and the best part is that the techniques are super easy to work on, an important feature when you simply can't wait to hit the sack. Here’s are different ways you can cash in on this latest hair trend.

Braid it up

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This is by far the simplest way to make sure you wake up to gorgeous beach waves. When you know that you’ll be waking up early to rush for an important meeting/breakfast date, all you need to do is apply Kerastase Nutritive Serum Oleo Relax For Dry Rebellious Hair £15.65 and divide your hair into 4 sections to create four separate braids. The serum will discipline your dry, frizzy hair with its softening formula to leave your tresses feeling silky smooth and more manageable, while the braids will give the waves the structure. Yes, you will not go to bed looking particularly attractive but your beautiful morning mane will more than make up for it.

Keep It Straight

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Since most of us toss and turn during our sleep, we admit it is an uphill task to maintain a good (expensive) blow out or straightened hairstyle through an entire night. Our go-to hack in this case is to use multiple hair pins and a loose scrunchie to tie our hair on one side of our hair. The trick is to keep the scrunchie on loose enough so that you’re not uncomfortable the entire night but tight enough to keep your hair looking fresh and bouncy the next morning.

Curled Up In Bed

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Fancy waking up to a bedhead mane that is curled to perfection? Before you tuck yourself in for the night, after shampooing and conditioning your tresses, apply a generous amount of L’oreal’s Professionnel Expert Serie Lumino Contrast Taming Gloss Serum £13.50. We especially recommend this product as it is a pro in taming unruly tresses, plus it gives them an extra shine. Next, put on a loose, comfortable hairband like a tiara and begin tucking and wrapping in your hair around it. Secure their position using hair pins and just like that, you’re ready to hit the sack. In the morning go about your daily ritual. Unpin your tresses right before you’re meant to leave the house and run a comb through them lightly. You’re ready to take on the day with on-point curls which didn’t even require you to use a heated iron!

There you have it - these are the simplest three ways to ensure you wake up ready to flaunt an amazing hairstyle. A few extra minutes spent tending to them the night before and you can add an special sparkle to your getup.

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