4 Surprisingly Easy Ways A Tan Can Make You Look Slimmer

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We all agree that a tan makes up feels more confident. It it just that a dose of vitamin D gets our serotonin pumping? Or is it down to the fact than tans makeup look slimmer? We at My Beauty Matches have decided to investigate whether this is the truth or whether it’s just a clever illusion.

1. Get highlights:

By playing with shadows and highlights you can create the illusion of definition where you have none. Once you know how to contour your face and body it’s a great trick to add to your beauty arsenal. The tricky part is making it look natural.

We recommend starting by applying a base tan, if you’re new to the tanning game then try Autograph Self Tan Tinted Mousse as the tinted formula makes an even application foolproof and it gives you believable glow in just 4 hours.

Use a matte bronzer two shades darker than your skin tone, I’m a fan of Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Powder Bronzer as the shimmer free formula blends seamlessly with your kin. Brush on the areas lacking muscle tone such as the folds above your armpits, under your arms and under the chin. If you use a brush that’s too large you won't be able to contour along your actual muscle just around the general area which won’t really be much use, so use a Morphe Angled Contour Brush as the long handle makes it easy to get to those hard-to-reach-parts, such as the backs of your arms and the angled head allows precision of application.

Then use a highlighter such as Laura Mercier Illuminatior in Addiction, a gorgeous molten metal colour that will subtly gild your skin, to draw attention to the areas you want attention on such as clavicles, shoulders, the top of your arms.

2. Tighten up:

For those who are a dab hand at fake tanning, it’s easy to learn how to contour in a more permanent way (ie won't wash off when you just in the sea). Try customizing your tan for the most flattering results. Use a mitt or sponge to strategically contour around the tricep line (from elbow to shoulder), inner thighs and around the abs make your muscles look more defined.

Make your abs Instagram worthy by a applying a second layer of self-tanner on to the vertical contours adjacent to your belly button. The trick is to enhance and not look like you’ve drawn on muscles you don’t have. So make sure you blend well. If you’re worried about getting it wrong then use a waterproof bronzer to contour instead. These should last at least 6 hours. Rimmel Bronzing Powder Sunlight https://www.mybeautymatches.com/rimmel-bronzing-powder-sunlight-21 last for 10 hours an at under £6.00 you can practice at home pre-holiday, guilt free.

3. Lengthen:

To lengthen your limbs and make you look positively Amazonian, a few swipes of bronzer or self tanner under your calf muscle, along your thighs and even under your butt cheeks can make you look like you do squats for breakfast rather than hit the snooze button. Just make sure you avoid anything shimmery if you have cellulite, as it will only highlight the area.

4. Protect.

Once you have learnt how to contour your frame, then if you are going to hit the beach and show off your newly defined abs then protect your skin wisely. Just because you look tanned doesn't mean you can’t burn. Use a spray sun cream that won’t needs lots of rubbing in and undo all of your hard work.

Now, if only it really was that easy to drop a dress size...but in the mean time there’s fake tan and contouring techniques!

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