Can Makeup Counters REALLY get you Christmas Party Ready?

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enter image description here With Christmas only a few weeks away, our Christmas party makeup and outfit are at the top of our priority list. Do we go all out glam? Will glitter be too much? What products should we get? If you’re looking for things to add to your Christmas gift list, you certainly won’t want people buying you a product you won’t be able to use or isn’t right for you just becuase it looks pretty or a counter assistant told you to buy it.

Your first instinct would be to head to your local department store and speak to the makeup pros at the counters, but are they really going to sell you what you need, or are they just trying to hit targets by recommending the newest products or a particular brand to get you ready for Christmas? Add things to your Christmas gift list that actually work for you and will be perfect for your skin type, whether it’s oily, dry or sensitive.

Here at My Beauty Matches, we’ll give you unbiased recommendations based on the information YOU give us. Filling in a short quiz to find out your skin types, skin concerns and favourite brands, we can recommend products that we know will be great, both quality-wise and great for your skin. We don’t push any particular brands and don’t have targets to hit, so you can trust that what we’re recommending has no motive behind it except wanting to find you the perfect product so you’ll come back to us and recommend us to your friends!

At your Christmas party, whether you opt for the super glam look with Alva Creamy Collection Lipstick in Red Brick, or keep it natural with Lin & Lo Mineral Eyeshadow Set in Forest and a bit of lip gloss, you can find all your favourite brands from YSL to Max Factor, L’Oreal to Makeup Revolution, we’ve got it all!

Take our quiz to find your very own recommendations.