Can You Achieve A Sculpted Face With Just A One Off Treatment?

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For those of you that have been living under a rock and haven’t heard of FaceGym, it is one of those great concepts that makes you wonder why it hadn’t been thought of earlier. It is essentially a gym workout for your face muscles which includes cardio, toning and stretching for overall maintenance or to get a great lift before a special event. I had been to FaceGym before but decided to go back and review their Signature Electrical treatment.

The Signature Electrical treatment is said to be great if you want to instantly tone your skin and show off your cheekbones without having an invasive treatment. It sounded too good to be true so I went ahead and tested it for myself. I went to their St Johns Wood Studio for my treatment however they have various locations around London.

My therapist started by gently cleansing my face and then gave me a very gently face and neck massage (think of this like the warm up at the gym). She then continued with my favourite part of a workout (cardio) where she used lots of pressure and vigorous movements to push and pull my skin in various directions to really give my face muscles a workout. She then cooled my face using a jade derma roller which help with lymphatic drainage of the face, including the eye area.

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She then followed with the signature part of the facial which was using their FaceGym Pro device which stimulated my muscles by sending through small electric currents to contract my muscles to contour my cheekbones and to also make my skin plumper. The therapist first started with the right side of my face and then the left and she brought out a mirror to show me the instant uplift. It had a slightly tingling effect due to the electrical current but it was not painful at all. She then finished off with one of their signature face serums.

Overall, I did see instant results so this treatment would be great to have before a big event and it also lasts a few weeks. However, for longer term results I would recommend having this treatment on a regular basis, just as you would when you go to the gym to tone your body. Consistency is key.

The Signature Electrical treatment lasts for 40 minutes and costs £85.