How To Get Rid Of Split Ends At Home

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I don’t know about anyone else, but split ends are the bane of my life! I’ve always had very dry ends which have been worsened by going blonde last year. Arguably not my smartest decision ever, but everyone makes mistakes. In a bid to get my dry, split ends under control I’ve recently ditched the blonde and gone back to my natural dark ginger roots, but even now I can still see and feel the effects the bleach has had on my hair.

Sound familiar? Then you’ll be glad to hear I’ve got some great ideas and tips you can incorporate into your routine to win the battle against split ends.

Regular Haircuts

There’s no way of getting rid of existing split ends without having regular haircuts, experts advise booking a trim every 2-3 months. This will ensure you stay on top of your damaged ends and improve the overall health of your hair. Plus, who doesn’t love the head massage you get when having your hair washed? Personally that’s the only reason I go…

Heat Protection

Split ends are the result of damage, and most damage comes from the overuse of heat tools like hairdryers and straighteners. If you want to keep your split ends to a minimum you HAVE to use some form of heat protection, whether it’s a serum, oil or spray. Another top tip is to look for thermal heat protection on the label as some heat protection products only protect against hairdryer heat rather than that of straighteners and curling irons. I’ve recently had a heat tool detox and only blowdry and straighten my hair twice a week. It’s made a massive difference to the texture of my hair already and it’s something I’m definitely going to continue doing.

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Over Brushing

Get ready for this one… brushing your hair also causes damage (sobs). More specifically, over brushing and brushing too aggressively. If your hair has a tendency to tangle easily you’ll more than likely find yourself pulling and tugging at it on a daily basis. Stop doing this! Instead section your hair out, starting at the ends and working your way up to eliminate excess pulling. Your hair is also at its most elastic and delicate when wet, so if you brush your hair in the shower try combining it with a leave-in conditioner to help the brush glide through your hair.

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A ponytail is my go-to hairstyle especially when my hair is due for a wash. However my beloved ponytail could be a massive contributing factor to my damaged hair. Try to use hairbands that don’t have a metal band as this tears and snags your hair without you even realising. Ponytails can also be linked to hair loss, especially if you wear them in the same position every day for an extended amount of time. A really tight ponytail puts pressure on the delicate hairs near the scalp and will either pull them out completely or damage them beyond repair. So the next time you try to recreate Ariana Grande’s signature look, think again.

Hair Masks and Treatments

Sealing split ends with masks, serums, and creams is the best way to hide them. These products act like glue, smoothing split ends down and giving a much more nourished appearance. They will improve not only your split ends but the overall appearance of your hair, making it look more healthy and bouncy. However you can’t use a hair treatment once and expect all your problems to disappear. You need to make hair masks a part of your weekly routine to reek the full benefits.

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Keep Your Hair Short

This last tip isn’t going to help everyone as some people don’t suit short hair or can’t bear the thought of chopping off their precious locks. But sometimes if your hair is so damaged the only option is to cut it all off and start again. And by ‘all’ I mean to shoulder length, but by all means go for the pixie look if you’re lucky enough to pull it off! Cutting your hair to a short length gives it chance to regenerate and gain strength, plus a lot of the time your hair will look thicker. I did this years ago after I dip dyed my ends during the summer holidays and it was the best decision I ever made.

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