Can You Handle The HOTTEST Hair Trend for 2016?

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We’ve seen the ombre, the sombre, the balayage and even the revival of the 80’s mousse. But there’s one standout style in the latest hair trends that has really hit the headlines this year. Oh hello bleached bobs.

This year has seen masses of celebrities shaking off the extensions for a chic bob or lob for the faint-hearted (no less chic let me assure you) and now there’s an even more summery slant to it. Hot, bleach blonde!

The latest hair trends have been showcased this year on Taylor Swift debuted her bleached ‘do at Coachella, Rita Ora showcased her edgy blonde crop at the Met Ball and Jennifer Lawrence whipped CinemaCon into a frenzy in April with her incredible icy blonde crop.

Why the sudden culling of the luscious, tumbling mermaid hair of last year? Well here’s a 7 reasons why a blonde bob is the hair style de rigueur this year:

  1. They look so chic

  2. They can be styled in countless different ways, and because there's much less hair to style, it can be done quickly (extra BONUS point for time saving)

  3. It revives dull, drab locks - no more split ends makes it look super healthy

  4. Extra volume. Less weight pumps up that volume fast

  5. You don’t get the dreaded arm ache when blow drying

  6. They make you look taller!! WHAT?? Having really long hair when you're short can actually make you appear even shorter. By going for the crop, it brings the length of your hair closer to your face, changing the focus and making it the focus and making you appear taller, as the proportions are now in par.

  7. Blondes look younger! As natural blondes tend to go darker with age, lightening up will make you look younger. Someone pass me my ID.

Now that you’ve immediately rung up the hairdresser and cleared your diary for an afternoon of cropping and bleaching, here's 3 things you need to do to keep your hot new crop top of the latest hair trends all summer long. Just three, so no excuses.

1. Wash it less

Buy a shower cap and protect those tresses from colour loss, brassiness and drying out by over cleansing. Keep it in check in between washes with a nourishing dry shampoo, that will not only keep it looking squeaky clean but give it some seriously sexy oomph too. AVEDA Shampure Dry Shampoo £18.50 will be your new best friend. The 99.8% naturally derived formula will soak up any excess oils whilst still caring for your hair. Oh and with 25 flower essences making up the aroma it smells like a meadow. (this is a very good thing).

2. Use Deep Conditioner

Whislst one of the coolest latest hair trends, bleach can sadly make your hair much more dry and brittle if you don’t look after it. To keep your locks silky use a deep conditioning treatment at least once a week on fire hair and twice on thick hair to keep it in tip top condition. SHU UEMURA Ultimate Remedy Masque £31.60is a dream product for damaged hair. My “blonde” friend swears by this stuff when she did a home bleach and accidentally ended up with a head full of fluff, this brought her hair back to life. To save time, pop it on in the shower, leave it for five minutes, whist you have a wash/shave your legs etc and by the time you're done it’ll be time to wash out. Easy.

3. Use a Heat Protector

Like pale skin, pale hair also fries in the heat. As you wouldn't go on a beach without sun cream, don’t hit the straighteners without protection either. Kérastase Styling Spray À Porter £15.75is my must have recommendation for anyone who wants a sexy, tousled bob this summer. This wonder spray can be used to create beach waves, as a texturiser and protects hair from heat, all in one tiny bottle. MUST. BUY. NOW.

If that wasn't enough, take a peek at Sienna Miller, Kate Hudson, Charlize Theron to inspire you to take the plunge and go for the latest hair trends, and not to mention find out if blonde (bobs) really do have more fun.

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