6 Facts You Didn't Know About Celebrity Fragrances Before

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There are two things you need to know about celebrity fragrances. The first thing is that they are not made by the celebrities themselves but by expert perfumers - also called “Noses”- many of whom are industry legends. The second thing you need to know is that they are highly affordable and very good quality. As you might have guessed, I’m a fan.

I wear celebrity fragrances often and I love it when people ask me what I’m wearing and are surprised by the answer - unless you are my Mum, who claims never to have heard of anyone famous.

Here are six celebrity fragrances that I not only recommend, but own and wear myself.

Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely

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If you haven’t tried this beautiful fragrance from Sarah Jessica Parker, £19.99 then I urge you to buy a bottle. You won’t be sorry. I bought my current 100ml bottle blind and it became an instant firm favourite. With notes of apple, dirty martini (How VERY Sex in The City!) lavender, magnolia and patchouli, this is a ladylike floral with an earthy woody finish that lasts all day. Extra points for the graceful bottle too.

JLo Glow

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JLO Glow, £19.99 was launched in 2002 when celebrity fragrance was still in its fledgling stages. It was a massive seller and made the industry sit up and take notice. So, what is the secret of its timeless success? Glow is a clean, just - stepped - out - of - the - shower sort of scent which makes you feel pure and vibrant and clean as a whistle. Glow opens with neroli and grapefruit, and has a floral heart of rose and jasmine. The base beds down into smooth sandalwood and silky Musk. The noses behind Glow were Catherine Walsh and Louise Turner. Louise Turner also made Jimmy Choo Blossom.

Katy Perry Indi

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Indi marks a change of direction for former tween idol Katy Perry. Indi, £28 stands for individual and this fragrance is unisex, embracing all who wear it. Indi opens with notes of green tea and travels to a base of eleven types of musk via a path of plum, cyclamen and amber. I love the contradiction this makes: it evolves from light refreshing green tea to an intriguing musk accord. Indi smells equally good on a man or a woman.

Jessica Simpson Fancy Nights

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This is a fragrance that I wouldn’t have usually gone for, had it not been recommended to me by another perfume enthusiast. With its green glass bottle and bold gold lid, there’s more than a little Vegas about this blingy packaging. Underneath, there is a beautiful patchouli amber scent with notes of papyrus (smell it and you’ll see what I mean) and a warm vanilla finale. Jessica Simpson's Fancy Nights, £12.61 was created by perfumer Steve Demercado, who was also responsible for Calvin Klein Escape.

Rihanna Reb’l Fleur

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Rihanna Reb’l Fleur, £24.50 has huge staying power and really knows how to make an entrance. A sweet and rich fruity floral, this has a long-lasting patchouli base and a hint of tropical coconut: perhaps an homage to the sunny climes of the Barbudan beauty’s home of Bermuda. I found this great value- two sprays will last a long time and if you like big fruity florals with staying power, you’ll love this. The perfumer behind Reb’l Fleur is Caroline Sabas who also created Calvin Klein Downtown, and Marypierre Julien who has also created scents for Calvin Klein and Christian Audigier.

Britney Spears Curious

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Britney Spears' Curious, £18 has the honour of being the very first perfume that many young girls ever wore. Still a classic light floral, it opens with light pear and magnolia, which soon segues into more flowers: jasmine, tuberose and orchid. The base notes are a musky, woody accord with a touch of warm vanilla, but it’s the clean floral top notes that I love best. The nose behind Curious is Claude Dir, who has also created fragrances for Elizabeth Arden.

Well, that’s my selection of celebrity favourites. I’ve really enjoyed writing about them for you and I hope I have inspired you to try some you might have overlooked.