Concealer Hacks That Will Change Your Life

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Even if you’ve learnt how to ace your contouring or you’re successfully able to draw on the perfect winged liner in one go - nothing is worth it if you can’t get your basics right. Oh, did I say basics? I meant base. Before you begin experimenting with creative makeup looks, you need to spend time and effort on creating a smooth, even canvas to work your magic on. Hence we decided it was about time we compiled a list of top beauty tips and concealer hacks that are going to transform your makeup routine.

Unlike a foundation, which is used to create an even base throughout, a concealer is the magic formula used to hide unwanted blemishes and spots. However it isn’t enough to simply buy a concealer colour which matches your skin tone. If you find yourself dealing with red spots and pimples, then an easy trick to remember is to use a green-coloured concealer - it instantly cancels out the redness of your skin. NYX Concealer Wand £7.99 is one of the best products that is available in a green shade and one that goes on wonderfully, giving you an even toned coverage.

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If you’ve ever wondered about how celebrities are always sporting a creaseless, gorgeous base, then you should know that they "bake" their makeup. No, this method has no connection to cooking and neither does it involve physically heating your makeup. It’s a trick that helps your concealer stay in place and last you through the whole day. So how exactly do you bake? Once you’re done applying your choice of concealer, let translucent powder sit on your face for 5-10 minutes (depending on how much time you have), before brushing it of. Once you’ve dusted off the powder you will notice that not only has it set, it has also blended to perfection. If you’re looking to invest in a powder then a product that we love is Estee Lauder’s Perfecting Loose Powder £39.50. Its ultra-light texture seamlessly blends into our skin, giving it a sheer natural coverage. Another choice would be Dior’s Diorskin Nude Air Healthy Glow Invisible Loose Powder £34.67 as it is formulated with transparent airy pigments that allow our skin to breathe through the day. The advantage of this method is not only that it helps your makeup stay fresh all day and night but it also give you the picture-perfect skin which looks naturally radiant.

Since pimples have no time or schedule and are well-known to inconveniently pop up unannounced, in case we’re ever stuck without a concealer and are troubled by a blemish, a go-to trick we love is to use our foundation instead. All you need to do is apply a blob of foundation on that particular spot and wait till it dries out completely, before blending it in your skin.

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Lastly, a question that is constantly cropping up - when is the right time, in your multiple-step makeup routine, to apply a concealer? Many people are confused whether they should apply it before or after they smoothen a layer of foundation. The simple answer to this predicament is whichever works for your skin type. The key to perfecting makeup is having an open mind to experiment with it. It’s also important to remember to use only the tips that work for you. Subtly is key this season so don't try them all at once; pick and choose wisely.

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