Could This Be The Winter Regime You've Been Searching For?

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It's a well known fact that our skin can often get caught out during the cooler season no matter how much we try to protect with a Winter proof regime.

Certain elements such as the central heating, washing our face in hot water and venturing out into the cooler weather are mostly to blame, causing an increase in dry and dehydrated skin as a result.

Claudia Fallah are dedicated to repairing the effects of Winter challenged skin with their diverse cosmeceutical skin care range, which caters to a range of anti ageing, acne, rosacea, sensitive skin and environmental concerns.

I’ve recently been trialling Claudia Fallah's award winning skin care range in a bid to recuse my Winter rebelling skin which is currently taking the words dehydration to a new level.

Azulene Foam Active Gentle Face Wash

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Claudia Fallah's Azulene Foam Active Gentle Face Wash, £38 helps to eliminate dirt and dead skin cells with an purifying action to gently de-congest the skin. In an immediate pump to soap formula, this face wash also makes light work for an easy application that deep cleans the skin, for a refreshing yet effective finish.

Gentle Exfoliant Creme

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As much as I like to give my skin a break from exfoliating during the Winter season, I've honestly found a game changing product in Claudia Fallah's Gentle Exfoliant Creme, £39 which is delicate enough to be used once and week, even when my skin is at its most vulnerable state during Winter. In a creamy, lightly beaded, non abrasive formula, this kind to skin exfoliator contains super-fine rice particles to keep skin soft, for a more even toned, flake free appearance.

Intensive Repair Crème

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I'm a big believer in revaluating my regime especially when it comes to choosing the right moisturiser to see me through the Winter season, Claudia Fallah's Intensive Repair Crème, £58 works wonderfully to intensely hydrate and provide a protective dose of nourishment for when my skin which is sensitive to the cooler weather.

Cover Rescue Night Crème

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It's a well known fact that the skin regenerates itself every 27 days but did you also know that the majority of cell turnover and regeneration occurs whilst we are asleep? This is where the necessity of a hardworking night cream steps in which is a key product to apply every evening and even more so during the Winter months. I like Claudia Fallah's Cover Rescue Night Crème, £59 which works brilliantly to deal with the signs of Winter challenged sensitive skin, thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties which help to protect the skin and encourage cell regeneration.