Create Bespoke Makeup Shades With Lin & Lo

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bespoke makeup shades

We’re all sick and tired of not being able to find the right foundation colour or the right shade of eyeshadow to make your makeup perfectly matched - the pain of having to buy whole palettes just for that one shade you can’t live without, whilst being mindful that layering products excessively to get the right shade can be what causes adult acne. But what if we told you that you can make your own makeup shades, that not only match your skin colour, but are also kind to your skin and reduce the risk of clogging pores?

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Using mineral based products with pure pigment by Lin & Lo is the easiest way to make your own bespoke shades. Buying a lighter shade and a darker shade bring you that one step closer to a completely personalised product. With the addition of shea butter and other natural ingredients containing nutrients and minerals, these products actually benefit your skin whilst you wear them.

Being kind to your skin and using mineral makeup means your skin can actually breathe and the pores don’t get clogged up with bad bacterias and harsh chemicals which are a main cause of adult acne.

If you can’t find a shade that matches you, the Mineral Loose Powder allows you to easily mix two shades of the product together to get your own bespoke colour. The same can be done with a few pumps of Moisturising Liquid Foundation, to get the best match to your skin shade as possible whilst enriching the skin with moisture.

As Lin & Lo products are so high in pigment, a little goes a long way, so you not only are they friendly to the pocket, but also friendly to the skin, as you don’t need to overload your face with product for good coverage, reducing the risk of causing adult acne.

At My Beauty Matches, we’re all about personalisation and believe that you should never buy a product that isn’t right for your skin type. By taking our beauty quiz, you can find a whole range of different product types that will be perfectly matched to your skin concerns such as adult acne, so you know that they’ll actually work!