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Last year I was fortunate enough to go traveling for 7 months of salt water, sun and neglecting my hair. In preparation I had my hair cut and treated in February 2015, but having no opportunity to get it cut while I was away come February 2016 it had been over a year since my last cut (blasphemy in hair stylist terms). But as the split-end:healthy-hair ratio took a turn for the worst, it was time to finally admit that I needed help and thankfully Jones & Payne were there to lend a helping hand with some expert beauty tips and game-changing products.

The Jones & Payne salon is situated in Shoreditch and as I stepped through the door with my windswept dodgy locks, I was greeted by one of the salon’s senior members, Bobbi the dog. When his happy little face came running at me with a chew toy, I knew it was going to be a good day. The hairstylist burdened with the unfortunate task of rescuing my dried up hair was Sophia, who immediately made me feel comfortable and less embarrassed about my lack of hair care.

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The thing I loved most about Sophia’s consultation was it was so much more personal than any hair consultations I had received before. At Jones & Payne the emphasis is on capturing the person during a consultation, which is why they allow an extra 15 minutes in their appointments just to make sure they have time to chat. Usually I’m only ever asked to “tell me about your hair” and discuss its flaws, but instead Sophia asked me about what sort of music I liked, how long I had to get ready in the morning and how much time, honestly, did I like to spend styling my hair. She explained this was because there’s no point in giving someone an overly complex hairstyle if they’re not going to have the time or resources to maintain it, which sounded all to familiar to me. Sophia felt that people’s hairstyles usually suited them if they reflected their personality and so for me, someone who doesn’t like fuss, enjoys watching films and likes to get ready in about 10 minutes, I was going to need a simple, healthy cut that required little maintenance.

First of all Sophia tackled the condition of my hair, as a firm believer in health taking priority above all else, she felt it was important to try and get my hair back on the right path and so used the Redken Extreme Shampoo £27.25 and Conditioner £32.20. This protein-rich collection is formulated with 18-MEA which restores the hair's lipid layer and resurfaces hair for a healthy, glossy shine, while the protein restores hair from within. After a relaxing wash and complimentary head massage (the struggle to stay awake was real) the cut began with Sophia removing the damaged ends whilst respecting my request to preserve as much hair as possible (I just can't work the bob cut, my head is way too round).

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Sophia applied Unite U Luxury Oil £30.00 to the tips of my hair as well as the Unite 7 Seconds Leave-In Conditioner £6.50. As I have fine hair Sophia assured me it was import to try and get rid of any layers in my hair as this would only result in it looking even thinner and less healthy. The ends were cut at varying lengths to give a natural look that would be easy to style and after a professional blow dry using a vented radial brush to enhance the natural wave in my hair, she applied the Redken Fashion Waves 07 Salt Spray £12.20 to add texture to the hair so that I could simply shake it up to style it.

And just like that, after one hour of hair SOS, my year long episode of self-neglect was erased as my hair was bouncy, shiny and full of life again. As if the gorgeous cut and friendly staff weren't enough to convince me that this salon was the one for me, they also boast a generous drinks selection that could pass for a trendy bar - does it get any better?

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Jones & Payne is a hair salon with a difference, a place where service goes above and beyond to ensure your cut and colour is done in the best interests of you, as well as your hair. At My Beauty Matches we're all about personalisation, which is exactly what Jones & Payne offer with their extended consultation time and ethos of capturing the person when styling hair. If you're looking for a totally new look Sophia recommends clients put together Pinterest boards for hair colours and hair styles so she can create the perfect blend of what the client is looking for, whilst respecting their hair's limitations.

This is definitely the salon to visit if you want to totally change your look, but are apprehensive about making the wrong decision. Your hairstyle should be an expression of your personality, but at the same time, it's probably best to speak to a professional before you commit to a number 1 all over...

If your hair is in need of rescuing then you can check out the selection of treatments Jones & Payne has to offer here.

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