Don’t Let The Sun Damage Your Hair This Summer

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Summer raises some important questions - how much SPF is good enough for your skin? What are the safe ways of getting a tan? Are tanning sprays harsh on our complexion? While all these are valid queries, we're worried about the fact that no one is asking about tips for healthy hair to protect them in the summer months. Studies have proved that excessive sun exposure erodes protein and pigment in hair and that a UV-protectant for your mane is equally important. Hence we thought it was time to put together a few tips for healthy hair and the best sun care products you should add to your beach bag.

Kerastraight Protect Sun Protection Spray £20.00

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Just like you can spray on UV-protection onto your skin through the day, depending on the amount of sun exposure, you can also use Kerastraight Protect Sun Protection Spray to shield your hair from damage. It is a luxurious spray that works to protect your hair against UVA/UVB rays and reduces the damaging effects of salt water and chlorine. Apply it after your morning shower and the spray ensures your mane stays healthy and radiant throughout the day.

J. F. Lazartigue After Sun Shampoo £21.00

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We recommend using this product after you’ve spent a long day in the sun. It helps remove dirt including salt chlorine and pollution without stripping the hair of its nutrients. It’s a product that has been especially designed for after-sun exposure for hair. It contains Omega 3 and 6 from Raspberry Pips Oil for protection and wheat and sweet almond protein extracts to boost hydration and repair texture. The best part about this product is that it shields your mane from harmful UV rays, preparing it for the next day and leaves them feeling refreshed and healthy.

Kin’s Kinactif Shampoo Suncare £5.99

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If you’re a regular at the beach or take laps of your neighborhood pool then you might have noticed the lacklustre tone of your hair. To revive them, Kin’s Kinactif Suncare Shampoo gently revives hair that has been exposed to the sun, salt water or swimming pool chlorine. The innovative formula profoundly moisturises and feeds hair that has been dried out by UV rays, and it's purifying action removes salt and chlorine.

J. F. Lazartigue Sun Protective Nourishing Milk Thick Hair £14.00

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Another excellent sun care product by J. F. Lazartigue, it is a rich daily-use emulsion for dry and damaged hair. It contains a sun filter and vitamin F that helps defend your tresses against sun rays to preserve their colour and lustre. It gives a hydrating boost that prevents heat and pollution from dehydrating your hair. A repeated use of this product and you’ll notice that your mane seems smoother, stronger and a lot more manageable.

If you plan on really enjoying the summer sun without a single worry then there are certain things you need to add to your beach bag. You’ve got the SPF skin cream, floppy hat, the latest shades, but make sure you carry something to help protect your tresses. This summer avoid having a single bad hair day with our tips for healthy hair and you’re going to enjoy the beautiful summer season without being stuck with brittle, unhealthy hair.

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