Celeb Makeup Artist Bea Sweet Shares Her Secrets

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Bea Sweet is a Makeup artist to the stars. She works across Fashion and Editorial and essentially paints the faces of musicians, models actors daily. Err dream job alert! Bea started out at a super young age by having friends over to her house and doing their hair and makeup and create our own photo shoots for fun. It didn’t really start out as a career thought, just a way for the teens to pass the time. Having gone from watching the simple life to actually doing Paris Hilton’s make up a few weeks ago, listening to Destiny’s child to doing Kelly Roland’s makeup in Paris and shooting stories with world-renowned Photographer Nick Knight and worked with stylists such as Anna Trevelyan it’s safe to say that her career path well and truly took foundation from those early DIY photoshoots. We are so excited to sit down for a chat with Bea, the MOST enthusiastic and chirpy makeup artist, who truly loves her life and what she does so much it made us want to jump on a plane and follow her around the globe. Im only small, I reckon I’d fit in her suitcase…wishful thinking

1) What’s the best part about being a makeup artist? I love that I see amazing locations like the giant all-pink & glittery Eaton House in Essex, the luxury super yacht "Odessa II" owned by Len Blavatnik, a week’s stay in the villa owned by David Gilmour of Pink Floyd in Greece, the murky depths of the 24-bedroom mansion 33 Portland Place, a Castle in Scotland, all around Piccadilly Circus with a Signature Suite at the Hotel Cafe Royal as a base, a beach in Marrakesh, a day with private use at The Barbican Conservatory, the list goes on! I realise I get to see parts of places that other people don't get to see and I'm always so excited to find out where I am shooting over the next few days because I always know it will be somewhere incredible and I can get excited all over again

2) Tell us your hottest makeup tip? Apply eyeliner while resting your elbow on a flat surface to keep your hand steady, with your head sat at "resting position". It's no good looking down into a mirror or holding the mirror above your head, it should be level with your eyes. This is because when it comes to winging out the eyeliner the angle the "wing" is seen at the most is with your head at a level angle, so it makes sense to draw the shape when your head is in that position because that's the angle it will be viewed at by other people

3) What are the make up trends to watch out for in 2016? Highlight, highlight, highlight! Forget contour, just highlight. That's all you need. Shop our amazing highlighter selection here.

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4) Which celebrities are total babes, and who is on your dream list to work with? I love working with Charli XCX, she's the best! She's always tons of fun, trusts me totally with her face and is just the nicest person. I love Dua Lipa too because she lets me shimmer highlighter along her nose and loves highlight as much as me, and I love working with FKA Twigs because she loves a perfect eyebrow & red lip combo as much as me. On my current dream list is Actress Amandla Stenberg, Model Dilone @ Viva, Musician Grimes and Rapper Jungle Pussy, let's hope I work with them all real soon!

5) What are the current faves in your makeup bag? My two fave game-changing lipsticks right now are the Perlee Matte Lipsticks by Lime Crime, and my favourite shades are Beetle which is a highly pigmented metallic lipstick in a brown and green shift and Third Eye which is a metallic mulberry red hue NYX Cosmetics Green Tea Blotting Paper is great, they also have Tea Tree as a close second-favourite but Green Tea is my preferred choice and comes with 100% pure pulp paper to absorb excess oils, I prefer this to adding more powder as then you're not adding more layers you're actually taking them off I also can't live without Eylure Texture 117 Eyelashes. The website actually describes them as "A long, angled lash with a twisty, messed up finish" which is an excellent description, they thicken the natural eyelash along the lash line and fan out towards the end, such a good eyelash to wear and is a permanent fixture in my kit

6) All time favorite shoot of the year to far? My favourite editorial of the year so far would be a shoot that isn't out yet with photographer Daniel Sannwald and stylist Simon Foxton for a British magazine called [NOON] where I body painted two models in baby pink and teal, and another model in a glossy fiery red, created spray eye blood and custom-made homo-erotica tattoos and then I had to run to catch the Eurostar to be with Kelly Rowland!Hard life hey?

So there you have an insight into the jetsetting life of a celebrity makeup artist. Jealous much? (I am).

If there is anything else you would like expert advice on, we want to hear about it! So get in touch.

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