Eat Yourself Pretty With 4 Skin Perfecting Foods

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In colder weather it’s important to keep your skin moisturised and not over layered with oils, serums and creams. When your skin is already suffering from one element, overloading may even dry your skin out further, causing annoying dry skin on the face.

One way to ensure your skin stays moisture rich without using too much product, is by eating the right foods. Getting the right diet and drinking plenty of water is the best way to maintain glowing skin. The saying “you are what you eat” most definitely is the case when it comes to your skin, as fatty foods increase the amount of oil in your skin and healthy foods with heaps of antioxidants will enrich and nourish your skin.

Eating these 9 natural ingredients and including them where possible in your skincare also, will get you looking radiant and glowing all year round and stop you getting dry skin on your face.

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The healthy additive to smoothies, cakes and cereals, almond can be added to almost anything as a healthier, protein filled ingredient. An extremely rich source of Vitamin E, which can fight signs of ageing, almond also helps with retaining moisture in your skin and stop it from drying out. L’Occitane Almond Milk Veil will soften, smooth and firm skin and leave it deliciously perfumed.


Beginning your day with hot water and lemon and detoxify the body and give your digestive system a morning boost. Throughout the day, squeeze a little lemon juice on fish, salads and in smoothies to maximise its effect. For the skin, lemon is an antioxidant and will flush out any toxins as well as strengthen and enrich. C O Bigelow Lemon Body Cleanser will do just that as well as maintaining the body’s natural moisture balance, meaning no more dry skin on your face.

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Made with fruit enzymes, Kiehl’s Pineapple Papaya Facial Scrub is a natural, organic scrub that gently exfoliates the skin, enriching it with moisture and nutrients. The formula will leave the dry skin on your face feeling refreshed, nourished and soft. Pineapple is a wonder food which helps with the daily production of collagen, reduces inflammation and removes toxins from the body.


The tiny seeds within this fruit are jam-packed with nutrients that help cleanse the digestive tract of any toxins which can prevent important nutrients from getting to the skin. Laura Mercier Fresh Fig Scrub can help you achieve that inner glow. As figs are very high in natural sugar, be careful not to overindulge as this could actually make your skin oilier. Achieve a youthful and radiant glow with the fig seeds and jojoba, whilst the honey and shea butter enrich your skin with nourishment and moisture.

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