Is THIS The Work Out Your Skin Has Been Waiting For?

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You might go to the gym a few times a week to tone and build your muscles but what about your face? Our face has muscles too so surely we should be working those out?

It is exactly for this reason that FaceGym was created and so I decided to take a trip to their flagship King’s Road Studio to trial their Party Face Workout in a bid to get my skin ready for the upcoming Christmas season.

Just like any facial you go and lie down in one of FaceGym's treatment rooms, but this time your therapist is in a cute gym outfit, I got a headband to cover my hair and my facialist Karla got straight to business.

Step 1: Cleanse

My treatment began with a superior cleanse which consisted of a natural cleanser made from FaceGym's own mixologist bar, the cleanser itself smelt like heaven and swiftly got to work to remove impurities before my face workout began.

Step 2: Face Workout

My face workout was essentially a face massage but not just any massage, I can honestly say it was one of the best ones I have ever received! My facialist Karla began with a gentle warm up first, followed by a slightly higher pressured massage which is known as the cardio and contouring element. This helped to lift my skin in various directions and massage my cheekbones upwards too, Karla then completed the face massage with a more gentle pressure which was almost like a caressing movement for the "cooling down" process.

Step 3: EMS Machine

An Electric Muscle Stimulation Machine which is designed to tone, lift and reverse anti ageing signs was the next step in my Party Face Workout. Karla used the machine in an upward motion while applying a gentle amount of pressure to sculpt my skin. I could feel my muscles tensing and it was quite sensitive around my teeth area, however as soon as she had completed just half of my face I could already see the difference in the mirror on how quickly the toning took place and I have to say I was highly impressed.

Step 4: Derma Roller

The treatment was then followed up with a derma roller to allow the previous ingredients Karla had applied to penetrate better into my skin, this part of the treatment is also said to help stimulate the blood flow and disguise the appearance of dark circles and scars.

Step 5: Cooling Gel

My skin was then cooled down with a combination of Aloe Vera gel with vegetable glycerin to calm the skin and hydrate it. This felt amazing!

Step 6: Gold And Silver Skin

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For the first time ever I had strips of gold and silver applied on my face. The gold leaf is used to smooth over the skin and encourage a glow, whilst the silver strips are used to for cooling element and to reduce any signs of redness and inflammation. Both gold and silver strips were left to penetrate into my skin for 10 minutes and during that time I got a great head massage, I love facials which also incorporate another element while you are waiting for something to work, FaceGym don't just leave you sitting there like a corpse and instead give you a massage which gets top marks from me!

My therapist (Karla in case you want her to be yours too) finished off the treatment by spraying my face with a heavenly spritz of Lavender mist.

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Step 7: Final Stage

The final stage to the Party Face Workout consisted of cooling the face with a cold refrigerated jade stone face roller with the big roller for face and the small one for eyes.

FaceGym are open 9.30am to 10pm Monday to Saturday and 11.30am to 6pm on Sundays in Selfridges, they also have a flagship salon on Kings Road.

The Party Face Workout costs £150 and lasts 55 minutes, for more information or to book head to