Fake A Spa Day With These Top Masks You Can Use At Home

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We all love a day at the spa, what's not to like? Sitting back, relaxing, acting all cool, but sometimes life gets in the way and we can't always find the time for a weekend of pampering. To bring the spa to your home this Spring we've scoured the internet for the top masks you can use at home for a spa treatment that can fit in with your weekly skin care routine. Countdown to bliss in 5, 4, 3, 2...

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The Body Shop Warming Mineral Mask £11.00

This therapeutic and cleansing mask can be applied thickly to the skin on the face after cleansing. It has a rich, creamy formula which gently warms up when it comes into contact with wet skin for the ultimate relaxation treatment. Containing natural minerals this products cleanses and nourishes the face so when you wash it off afterwards you'll be left with dewy, glowing skin. Just try your best not to fall asleep, all this relaxing can get pretty tiring...

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Ski II Facial Treatment Masks £54.00 for 6

As ever the UK is just slightly behind the South Korea when it comes to skin care trends, but the sheet mask is definitely on the rise in people's skin care routines. These cloth or paper masks are fantastically beneficial to skin as they can be left on for 10-15 minutes to really soak in and this Ski II mask is an excellent example. Drenched in the natural extract Pitera these nourishing masks hydrate skin, balance pH, regulate sebum production and smooth the surface of the skin. They've even been reported as a favourite of Katie Holme's and if you're a sufferer of clogged pores these masks are the ultimate, relaxing solution.

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Crème de la Mer The Lifting & Firming Mask £150

This luxurious serum in a mask is a breakthrough in visible skin rejuvenation, designed to intensively lift and firm the look of the face and neck. With its patented Miracle Broth formula this product soothes and renews the look of skin, whilst also feeling velvety soft and oh-so smooth. The concentrated Lifting Ferment enhances the skin's natural immunity supporting healthier, happier and clearer skin. This is an iconic beauty product that is praised by celebrities including Amy Adams and Charlize Theron so whilst it might be worth a pretty penny, it seems to live up to it's worth. Is it too early to be starting a Christmas wish list?

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Decleor Aroma White C+ Brightening Mask £33.20 for 5

Another top entry from the sheet mask family, this brightening mask uses a blend of concentrated ingredients to reduce pigmentation, fade away dark spots and give your complexion an overall glow. Inspired by professional treatments, this effective fabric mask with a delicate floral scent is enriched with Decleor's patented "White Focus" complex, which targets uneven skin tone giving life to lacklustre skin. Peony Tamarisk extracts and Vitamin C reduce the appearance of dark spots, while Saxifrage extracts prevent the appearance of new pigmentation and Liquorice extracts sooth and hydrate skin, leaving it intensely moisturised and super soft.

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Yves Saint Laurent Forever Youth Liberator Intensive Mask £48.00

For those of you whose hearts are always singing "Forever Young" this is the mask for you. This intensive, but relaxing, high-performance mask treatment is a revolution in anti-ageing skin care. Formulated with Glycanactif, a patented blend of 3 glycans, this mask reactivates the skin's vital functions to promote regeneration and repair, dramatically reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Simply apply to a cleansed face and neck and watch the years roll away...

These luxury products are all worthy of the spa, but now thanks to these revolutionary beauty brands you can achieve professional quality treatments from your own sofa. Now less reading, more spa...

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