Foundation Rules To Follow For a Natural-Looking Finish

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The best makeup artists in the world all preach the same thing - an everyday look should be natural-looking and should work to enhance your beautiful features, while an uneven, patchy foundation is the key to ruining your look. Bottom line - before you begin creating the perfect eye look and strobing your face to perfection, the canvas should be clear, smooth and even. Here are the top beauty tips and foundation rules to faking glowing skin, every single time.

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Testing makeup products on your hand is useless unless you’re only looking to check the texture. Your body skin tends to be a different tone from your face so before investing in a product make sure you apply it all over, including your neck. Another top beauty tip - pay attention to the lighting in the store and step out in natural light before making the big purchase. Finding your colour takes time and effort, so dismiss a hurried, snarky assistant till you find a helpful person. According to Bobbi Brown, everyone needs to own two different colours of foundation; one for the summer season when your skin tone is on the darker side and one for winter when you're likely to be paler. For the months in between, mix the two shades. Who are we to question a makeup legend?

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Before you begin applying your foundation you should always prepare your skin with a primer and moisturiser. One of our favourite products has been Estee Lauder's Matte Illuminating Perfecting Primer £24.50 as it adds instant brightness and radiance. Its soft-reflection optics minimise the look of pores and flaws to create an even, supple canvas. It also contains special hydrators and skin-soothing Vitamin E, rice bran extract and shea butter, that help your makeup look smooth, fresh and flawless. Once you’ve managed to find your go-to colour and have prepped your face, there is a technique of applying the base which experts swear by. Whether you’re using a foundation brush or are applying the product using your fingers, the technique is to lightly tap, tap, tap. By massaging the product on to your skin you end up wasting it, as most of it tends to get absorbed. By simply dabbing, you ensure that it remains on the surface, staying on all night. Another major advantage of this application technique is that you end up using less of your product.

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The biggest beauty faux pas is having your face and neck coloured in complete contrast with each other. We can’t say this enough - it is as important to spend time and effort on perfecting the foundation coverage on your neck as you do on your facial skin. Start underneath your chin and cover your entire neckline, tying the look seamlessly by gently patting on a bronzer. We highly recommend using Rosie For Autograph’s Bronzer £18.00 as it is lightweight, silky and subtle.

If you’ve been considering refreshing your foundation, try out MAC’s Studio Fix range £21.99 and Bobbi Brown’s Skin Foundation Stick £39.00 as the two iconic products seamlessly glide onto skin to create the perfect nude canvas.

Use our top beauty tips and foundation rules to achieve a natural-looking, stunning finish every single time. Now that we’ve given you an excellent lesson on foundations, read about how to sport beautiful sun-kissed skin all year round here.

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