Fresh In 5: Quick & Easy Nail Ideas For Spring

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The sun is slowly starting to make a comeback and at My Beauty Matches, frankly, we couldn’t be happier. Winter fashion can be fun for a bit, but we’re more than ready to shake off our heavy woollen coats in favour for some lighter options. So with the return of daylight we figured what better way to celebrate than with some fresh new nail designs for Spring? So get ready for light, pastel, bright and gorgeous, because Spring is on its way baby.

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We know we know, flowers and spring, it’s too predictable but we can’t help loving these purple floral nail designs. A far throw from the loud and childish designs you used to copy straight out of Mizz Magazine, these pastel colours with faint flowers randomly dotted about are a chic and subtle way of adding some colour into your look. Now you may be looking at the size of these flowers and thinking “that’s not easy! they’re minute!” but alas, we have the nail art cheat to make this easy even for novice nail artists - and it’s been sitting in your kitchen cupboard all along! After applying a suitable base colour such as this Play Date polish from Essie £8.99 find yourself some toothpicks (yep, that's right, toothpicks) to use to apply the small flower designs. Tiny flowers can be created by adding a central dot using a yellow polish like this Seven Dials Gel Effect polish from Nails Inc. £12 and then adding white dots around the edge using a polish like Snow from Opi £12.99. Quick, simple and totally fresh!

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Angular Pastels

Just because pastels are soft colours doesn't mean they have to be used to create soft designs, which is why we love these examples of angular pastel nail art. The secret behind creating effective, angular Spring nail designs is using guides to get clean, sharp edges which you can either buy or make yourself simply by cutting plain white stickers into your desired shape. Some of our favourite pastels for this season include Mint Candy Apple £8.95 from Essie and Bluette from Dior £19.00.

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If you've grown a little weary of flowers then we think this Dandelion nail art trend is the perfect alternative to add a natural touch to your nails. We love the way the designs can cross over from one nail to another, and by using a toothpick dipped in a black nail polish such as this nail lacquer from Butter in Black £12.60 you can easily create your own designs. Simply pick a pale base coat of your choice, we love this Sporty 2 Gossip polish from Michael Kors £15.50 for a clean white, or this gorgeous Figi nail polish from Essie £8.99 for a subtle, pale pink.

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Move out the way classic French tips, the anti-tips are taking over. This nail design made a strong appearance at London Fashion Week AW16 which is why we think it's a must-try for this Spring. To recreate this refreshingly modern design all you need it some french manicure nail tip guide and then place them wherever on the nail you wish the anti-tip to begin. Then simply paint over with your favourite dark nail polish, our is this Colour Show Nail Polish in Burgundy from Maybelline £2.99 which has a gorgeous, deep tone. The finish off with a glossy top coat like this Diamond Dazzles Top Coat from Jessica £12.95 to prevent any chipping.

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Running along the modern theme, monochrome nails are making a big come back this Spring and it's a beauty trend we're totally on board with. Designs can be as simple as just plain white nails, to intricate patterns and finishes. To create the bird design above all you need is a bright, white nail polish like this Victoria Beckham Bamboo White nail polish from Nails Inc. £25 to create a flawless base. Then using our favourite toothpick magic trick pick a black nail polish like this Alexa Chung Leather Effect nail polish in Black £14.99 from Nails Inc. and create your unique, monochrome bird design. To create the monochrome anti-tip design you can use the same two nail polishes and some nail tip guides to get the perfect, clean finish.

So embrace the new season with some up-to-date nail art, even if you're stuck wearing a uniform to work this is one way you can express yourself in style, every day. If you'd like to practice your next Spring nail design, you can shop our extensive collection of nail colours here.

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