Genius Beauty Hacks To Fix The Fake Tan Disaster FAST!

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With the sun making a few more appearances it’s got to the point in time when I’m debating tights v’s bare legs. We’ve all been there, picture the scene. You whip off your tights ready to face the (sunny) day head only to be confronted with two, pale, over boiled asparagus type protrusions that must have taken place of your tanned, lithe legs whilst you slept, right? So you quickly whip on the closest tanner you have to hand and leg it out the door. Only to look down a few hours later to what can only be described as giraffe print legs. Orange and blotchy - not quite the caramel colour you had in mind, or worse, the hands of an oompa loompa with fingers stained the colour of old tea. But no need to panic we have the remedy to fix fake tan streaks and those other fake tan faux pas that will have you back on an even keel in no time.

1)How to fix Streaky Legs

Legs that have more stripes than a Bengal Tiger? Don't fret, we can fix fake tan streaks (and fast). Only the top layers of your skin have been stained so by getting rid of these your streaky legs will disappear. Work a skin refining scrub in a circular motion onto your legs, such as Ren Moroccan Rose Otto Sugar Body Polish £32.00. The Argan oil and sugar will help to break down the tanner and as an added bonus the delicious rose scent will help to mask any tell tail “biscuit” fake tan smells. Then shave your legs, as the blades will act as a secondary exfoliation and get rid of any skin cells.

2) How to fix Orange Palms

We’ve all tried the lemon juice trick, rubbing half a lemon onto our range palms in the hope it will diminish the brightness. Only to be left with sticky palms, dry skin and palms still at least 3 shades darker than usual. Thankfully, this is where St Tropez come to the rescue. St Tropez Tan Remover £15.50 is an absolute wonder product that should be stocked in every self tanners bathroom shelf for those accidental orange moments, it will fix fake tan streaks and stains and fast!

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3) How To Fix the Mahogany Tan

When you accidentally get overzealous with the tan application and turn the colour of a Copacabana beach babe. Which is technically fine, except you are usually more of an English rose and it looks just a teeny bit less than natural and you have a wedding tomorrow and that coral bridesmaid dress is really going to clash … To fix it, all you need to do is rub in a body oil all over (get really nice and greasy) and wait for at least 30 minutes. Try not to sit on anything white during this time, as you don't want to leave greasy marks, then jump in the shower and using a washcloth and a few drops of Dr Bronner Magic Soap in Peppermint £5.49 give yourself a vigorous rub down. The oil and essential oils in the soap will work together to break down the tan, leaving you bronzed not BBQ’d. Also the oil will leave you silky soft too!

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