Get Christmas Party Ready In 60 Minutes With Charlotte Connoley

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Rather than shying away and wearing that pant suit that’s been hiding at the back of your wardrobe, it’s time to embrace the body you were given and put your best foot forward for the once-a-year celebration that is your office Christmas party - you can go back to eye bags and comfy trousers next week! Getting rid of cellulite is no easy feat and you can spend years exercising and eating right, dry brushing, exfoliating and doing mad detoxes, but it doesn’t always go away that easy - sometimes you need a little help.

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Preparing for your annual office Christmas party can be a bit daunting. These people have seen you at your worst - cornflakes in your hair, coffee down your jumper and dark circles that could swallow someone whole; your Christmas party is time to show them that you can actually resemble a decent human being sometimes. The most daunting thing however, isn’t the fact that you have to put in effort to not look like a zombie, it’s wearing a dress or skirt that may show off the cellulite that you’re so desperate to get rid of.

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I’m not talking about surgery here, I am of course, talking about a bespoke full body massage with Charlotte Connoley, our new Resident Skincare Expert, who combines a full body lymphatic drainage massage with deep tissue and pressure point techniques to rid the body of toxins, tone and firm muscle tissue and improve the skin’s texture and vitality. This bespoke technique helps to get rid of cellulite, increases circulation and leaves you with beautifully glowing, sculpted legs ready for your Christmas party.

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Growing up and beginning her career as a model at 15, Charlotte was constantly in front of the camera; appearing on numerous magazine covers and even worked on a Calvin Klein campaign with Kate Moss. In order to get camera ready, she regularly visited Expert Beauty Therapist Nichola Joss for regular facials and massages to maintain her glowing model looks. They developed a strong friendship over the years and finally, leaving the modelling world behind, she trained up and began working alongside Nichola 7 years ago.

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Travelling to homes, studios and hotel rooms and stationing their pop-up in the Good Vibes Fitness studio in Covent Garden has given them the opportunity to massage the bodies and cleanse the faces of many celebs. Tilda Swinton, Millie Mackintosh and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, to name a few, have all visited Charlotte before red carpet appearances, shoots and events to ensure their skin is glowing, dimple free and ready for the camera.

Knowing first hand how well this massage gets rid of cellulite, I can attest to the ‘magic hands’ that Charlotte has. Using the REN Moroccan Rose Otto Ultra Nourishing Body Oil, which helps restore skin elasticity, heals, soothes and smoothes skin to reduce oxidative damage and premature ageing, Charlotte begins the massage at the feet, using kneading, pushing and rough stroking movements to help encourage flow back up to the heart, flushing out toxins and get your lymphatic system flowing to prevent further buildup. Combining this with a deep tissue massage, the technique draws out impurities whilst massaging in the healing oils for maximum results.

‘Massage is the best way to introduce oils and nutrients into the body’.

To tone legs and arms, firming oils such as the Beauty Kitchen Inspire Me Brightening & Toning Body Oil or Balance Me Super Toning Body Oil can be used to minimise wobble and gain more definition. For softer, smoother skin, try The Body Shop Coconut Beautifying Oil and Bio Oil is highly recommended for stretch marks. You can however, find the right oil for your skin type and skin concerns simply by completing our beauty quiz.

Once massaged deep into the skin, up the legs, the stomach, the chest and the arms, the process is repeated on the back of your body and limbs to ensure every area is covered to leave you toned and cellulite-free all over. The day after having this massage myself, my legs felt firmer, my cellulite was heavily reduced and my stomach has never been flatter - Charlotte certainly worked her magic.

Stealing this red carpet beauty secret to get rid of cellulite as part of your Christmas party prep is highly recommended to get your body looking and feeling great. Just make sure you drink lots of water afterwards so you flush out the toxins and minimise water retention.

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