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Going on holiday is undoubtedly one of the highlights of my year, whether it's jetting off to somewhere sunny for some intense relaxation or heading up north for some hardcore mountain walking it's always a joy to break away from the everyday. However if I had to pick one thing about traveling which I dislike, despise even, it would be flying. Flying may look glamorous when your name is Jay-Z and you're stepping onto your private jet (which even has your name on it) but when, like me you're tucking your awkward legs into economy, preparing yourself for 14 hours of agony, sleep-deprivation and plane food breath it's not such a pretty scene. I recall on one particularly long trip to New Zealand having to put Vaseline in my nose because the intense air conditioning was giving me nosebleeds (a tip which actually works, by the way) which is a far throw from the champagne sipping environment I like to fantasise about. Whilst your beauty kit is sadly limited in-flight by the rules in customs, there's nothing to stop you preparing the ultimate rescue kit for when you land on the other side, so here are my post-flight beauty must haves for recovering from even the most unpleasant of long haul flights.


One of the worst parts (apart from the heart-stopping turbulance) about flying long distances is the relentless attack from the air conditioning. Whilst it's true that the flight would be insufferable were it to warm for the entirety of the journey, air being recycled and blasted at our skin from all angles is about as drying as it gets. For this reason when you arrive at your destination it's important to ensure you've got an intensive moisturiser which works for your skin. A favourite of mine is the Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formulae Moisturiser £3.99 which has a rich, creamy texture and delicious cocoa smell. I find this moisturiser has the perfect consistency for intensely nourishing my skin without leaving a greasy residue, but the best moisturiser for you depends on your skin type so if you're not sure why not try taking our quick and free online beauty quiz to discover the perfect nourishing products for you?


In an ideal world after landing you'd head straight to your gorgeous hotel room and have a long, refreshing shower before getting a good night's sleep, but sometimes there are just more exciting things to be done. If you haven't got time for an intensive hair wash then there's no better solution for dissolving the grease than dry shampoo and one of my favourite brands who make this product is Batiste because they have such a versatile range. Being a brunette my personal favourite is the Coloured Dry Shampoo for Medium Brunette Hair £2.99 which is perfect as it doesn't leave me with the undesirable grey appearance which some dry shampoo residues leave. If you're a blondie then the Light & Blonde £2.99 is for you, or if you're just after XXL Volume then they've got that too.

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Eau de plane is not one of the most pleasant fragrances to work on your first night on holiday which is why a signature holiday fragrance is an absolute must when you go on holiday. I like to keep a floral fragrance for keeping fresh on holiday and since floral scents can last up to 18 months you can reuse the same one for multiple holidays to remind you of that "just landed in paradise" feeling. One of my favourite holiday perfumes is the Fleur De Portofino Eau De Parfum from Tom Ford £174.50 which has a gorgeous summer scent which just oozes summer getaway. With notes of lemon, mandarin, bergamot, green gardenia, white acacia blossom, mimosa, magnolia, rose, honey and vanilla this light and addictive fragrance will continue to transport you back to those white sand beaches long after you've returned home.


Finally the last thing I like to fix before heading out to explore is those "I've only slept 3 hours in the past 48" eye bags which some quick but effective makeup touch ups. The most important thing for me is hiding dark circles, as someone who battles regularly with bags under the eyes this is a common problem for me and if you'd like to read up on some tips for reducing dark circles day to day then you can read our top tips here. To instantly vanish dark circles I like to use the Jane Iredale Active Under Eye Concealer £19.00 which gives the appearance of 8 hours of sleep even when in reality it was closer to 2.

Now when I'm on holiday I don't like to be dragging around too much makeup with me, especially since it's likely my profuse sweating will just result in it all smearing down my face anyway, so holiday makeup is about minimum application for maximum output. All you need for an on-the-go top up which will give you the relaxed and confident appearance of someone who's already been in this resort for a week is a reliable mascara and a complementary lipstick.

Waterproof really is the only way to go when the summer sun is beating down on you which is why I love the Diorshow Iconic Waterproof Mascara in black from Dior £23.95 which gives lashes dramatic volume after just a few strokes. For summer lips it has to be a warm, complementary nude and my go to is always the High Impact Lip Colour in Nude Beach £16.20 which has added SPF 15 so your lips are protected while they look fabulous.

Post-14 hour flight is never a great look, but with this SOS beauty kit you can refresh you look and be ready to go in record time. If, like me, you find it near enough impossible to sleep on planes then it can seem difficult to imagine you could ever look presentable after such an ordeal, but with these top makeup application tips and online beauty buys you can cover up even the worst of jet lag.

Looking for your perfect dry shampoo for hiding the grease? Shop the refreshing range from batiste here.

Not sure which post-flight beauty essentials are right for you? Try taking our quick and free online beauty quiz to discover your beauty matches.