Get The Cover: How to #TANTOUR like Caroline Flack on Women's Health

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This month I decided to do something a little different for our Get The Cover Feature and instead a feature on how to get the perfect makeup or hair, I'm focusing on the body instead. With summer holidays just around the corner it's time to uncover those pasty pins, and get a little sunlight to those white bits.

This month I have been inspired by Caroline Flack on Women’s Health magazine. This month they are launching #inshapemyshape a campaign "to inspire you to silence your inner critic and focus on why your body is just so bloody amazing". Quite frankly I'm down with that. Now she may not be a 6ft tall leggy model, but let's all agree on one thing, she looks damn good. As even though celebrities seem to all have bodies to die for, they are without an army of personal trainers, dietitians and make up artists to look that way and help them accept their body niggles too.

For those who don’t have a personal trainer, there’s an easy trick to fake those toned muscles and get your body looking cover worthy. It’s time to let you into a little secret called #tantouring. That’s contouring with a self tanner for those not in the know. With a little practice and these insider tips below, you can fake your way to a gym honed bod in a flash. NO sweating required.

Caroline is no stranger to the fake tan and uses it to enhance her best assets - her legs, as a trained ballet dancer she doesn’t need a lot of help on that front but a bit of a tan can work wonders for everyone's confidence, disguise blemishes and make legs looks longer and slimmer. If you're going to tan, why not go one step further and tantour!

Here’s how to tantour like Caroline Flack:

Essentially you are using your tanning product to sculpt, contour and enhance your muscles and create definition (hello washboard abs). Start by applying a base tan St Tropez Dark Self Tan Spray £27.99 has a natural colour guide shows you exactly where you’ve sprayed for streak free perfection.

Top Tip: On the face, spray it onto a tanning mitt first so you don’t end up accidentally breathing it in and tanning the inside of your nostrils!

Once one layer of tan has been applied, dried and washed off the tantouring can begin! Using the St. Tropez Bronzing Wash Off Lotion £10.42 and your trusty tanning mitt, apply down the outside of your thighs, and buff gently to remove any hasrh lines. Then apply down the sides of your stomach, and along the outsides of your arms with the same buffing technique. The darker shade should contour and sculpt, not be stripy! Then using a bronzer brush suck your cheeks in and blend under your cheekbones for a Flack (or let’s face it, Kardashian worthy) tantour.

As the colour washes off you can apply as much or as little as you like with out the fear of making a huge (streaky) mistake, to get your desired colour. Once you’re in your chosen outfit. Using the super soft Clinique Bronzer Brush £24.00 then sweep Dolce & Gabanna Animalier Glow Bronzing Powder £47.00 down the front of your legs, arms and across collar bones, for that perfectly contoured glow.

So if you’re looking to get toned like Caroline, tantouring is a fab way to give you the confidence to get your arms and legs out at that next summer wedding. As it evens out imperfections, hides stretch marks, bruises and veins as well making you look like you’ve spent hours in the gym. If I can have skin, so smooth, luminous and tanned as Caroline Flacks when I hit the beach next month then I'll be more than okay with that.

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