Get The Cover: Rock The Redhead With Julianne Moore

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Julianne Moore is undoubtedly one of the most recognised faces in Hollywood, having featured in huge blockbusters including Still Alice, The Hunger Games and Crazy, Stupid Love. Famous for her gorgeous, auburn locks Julianne Moore’s look is as vivacious as her personality which is why I had to choose her for this month’s Get The Cover. I can’t get enough of her warm eye shadow which perfectly compliments her hair and skin tone, so this week I’m going to uncover the best online beauty products and makeup application tips so you can recreate Julianne’s stunning look.

If you’re thinking of shaking up your look completely this Spring then a new hair colour is always a great way to totally transform yourself. I think Julianne’s hair colour is perfect if you’re not quite ready to take the plunge into vivid letterbox red and a perfect product for recreating this tone is L’Oreal Casting Creme Gloss in Chilli Chocolate £6.49. However the results of this colour will vary depending on the colour of your natural hair, so if you’re not sure which result you’d like you can check out the L’oreal colour chart here.

Also it’s extremely important to do a patch test before you dye your hair, regardless of whether you’ve dyed it before without any adverse reactions. Any at home dye kits will come with instructions for performing a patch test, but ensure you leave it for at least 24 hours (ideally 48) to be sure there is no reaction. You can find out what symptoms to look out for here.

To get Julianne’s perfect, porcelain skin you’ll first need to even your skin tone and one of my favourite products for this is the Touche Eclat Neautralizer Pen £25 from our brand of the month Yves Saint Laurent. This iconic pen comes in 3 colours designed to tackle different causes of uneven skin tone with a violet for sallow skin, apricot for dark spots and green for correcting redness. Use this pen to target the specific uneven patches only, then use a mattifying foundation like this Clarins Ever-Matte Skin Clarifying Foundation £27.50 which has added SPF 15 to reduce the risk of uneven pigmentation such as age spots.

To get Julianne’s dramatic eye makeup look you need to first start with a bold, copper eye shadow and one I rely on is this Inika Mineral Eye Shadow in Burnt Sienna £8.70. Using a small brush like this Glo Tools Mini Crease Brush £16.59 apply thickly to your upper and lower lids and gentle blend the very edges. Then using a defined eye liner like this Long Wear Waterproof Eye Liner from Dior in Black £15.90 create a wing tip on the top lids, if you’re not well practiced in doing winged eye liner you can watch this brief tutorial for some great tips! Finally, finish off your eyes with a bold, black mascara such as this Badgal Waterproof Mascara from Benefit £17.50, applying generously to both the upper and lower lashes.

So if you're already rocking the redhead, or you think you'd like to experiment with making a change, you can achieve Julianne's gorgeous look with these simple makeup tips and online beauty buys. From her heart warming performances to her own line of children's books, it's safe to say that Julianne Moore is a woman on a mission and we can't help agreeing with Mari Claire. So. Damn. Cool.

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